How to successfully hunt a Fox detachment and trap

Fox, contrary to popular belief, is a predator, which is quite common in the regions of our country. In some areas, these red predators become so numerous that they even interfere with the normal reproduction of other species of animals. For this reason, no special restrictions when hunting this beast can not be afraid. Production Fox is the most ancient and popular form of hunting in our country and for all time of its existence, the such hunt was created a huge number. The easiest and popular means of hunting for a Fox can be called the hunting party and hunting using traps.

The most sociable and fun option – it is the hunting paddock, which, is just not taken part dogs. But the involvement of friends associates in comprehensive and team kind of hunting will not be superfluous. That red-haired predator, tries to avoid any contacts with humans. A casual passer-by or resting in the forest, unlikely to get even a chance to meet on your route, Fox. This beast easily and from greater distances smells human odor and is very easy to avoid meeting him. But experienced hunters, even managed that feature of the animal to use to their advantage. At the same time, the purpose of the process of hunting, there is an opportunity to force the beast to run it to the side, where it waits for the hunter with a gun.

Look for Fox during team hunting is on wild meadows or the fields for agricultural purposes, especially those near which is a forest. These red hunters often visit the fields with the purpose of production of mice and hares whites that hide in the winter in the snow. Night, Fox spends in the woods, and visits the fields, usually only during the day. So for hunting the Fox it is better not to choose large and dense forests, and to stop the choice not on the dense thickets and Lisky, which can be easily comb the company no more than 10 people. If to conduct reconnaissance and to detect on the field tracks or droppings of foxes, then we can conclude that the nearby woods are probably hiding these animals. By nature, the Fox is a very cautious animal that is leaving the chase, can develop quite an impressive speed. Aiming at a Fox sometimes at a distance of 50-100 meters. The best choice in this case would be rifles, which uses cartridges of 7.6 mm.

To start planning for hunting immediately after the field was discovered traces of a Fox. The hunter team is broken into groups and getting to numbers, there are sections which cover the animal out of the woods. While two hunters must remain on duty on the field. If in the process of stalking, and pasture animals in the forest everything will be done correctly, Fox will have to run out on them. Hunters for the beast on the field, needs to be very careful and follow the line of typically the Jogging runs a Fox. In such moments it is very important not to miss the beast, as the chance for a second shot, most likely it will not. Shot best thing to do, only good aim and slowly. If you miss one forest, you can not count on the fact that it will run another. Thus, on this day, the hunt is already over.

One of the best and enjoyable activities for lovers, is considered a Fox hunt in the winter time. A very important point of such hunting, is considered a choice of comfortable and warm winter clothing, which should not hamper the movements of a hunter pursuing prey. The most effective method of winter hunting is considered hunting, using traps. The best time to use this device – this is the time when the snow is crusty. Experienced and knowledgeable hunters can quite easily identify the animal tracks that she left in the snow. At the same time, to put a trap is best in the morning or afternoon hours, when the Fox goes for the kill. Day Lisa sits in the hole, and put it on the trap is completely useless. A trap hunter is preparing in advance. Device in any case should not have human scent. For this it is subjected to boiling and transferred to a place using the bag and in no case without touching hands. Take the trap only by using special gloves.

To hunt trap can be as alone, or as whole groups. The location of the foxes, is determined in accordance with the abandoned animals input or output traces. The trap is placed in the hole, only after the hunter to make sure that the animal probably left his hole. In winter, a Fox quite often and abundantly marking her territory. In accordance with such traces can certainly identify the areas in which hunting with traps will be most effective. Hunting with traps has a number of advantages, among which we can mention the possibility of both individual and group participation, the absence of visible lesions on the skin of the beast, and the absence of the need to attract dogs.

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