How to store worms in the summer?

The worm is a very delicate bait, which can quickly deteriorate by improper storage and rough transport. Worms it is better to dig a few days before fishing. You need to place this bait in wet moss, where the worms can not only throw off lumps of earth, but lose your not very pleasant smell. You can water the moss honey with milk, or broth without salt. Moss needs to be changed to keep the worms for a longer time.

To remove worms from the ground using sand. You must place the bait in a shallow container lined with burlap and wet sand. To worms bought delicious fish smell, the sand can be poured vegetable oil. Capacity should be covered with turf, and turf over to sketch fresh herbs. If the worms are kept in a jar, tin or glass, then you need to make a few small holes in the lid.

The worm is kept long enough in the box with a mixture of soil and humus.

The bait must be fed. You can use broth without salt, with grated raw potatoes, cottage cheese without any additives and used in tea brewing.

Also long worms survive in a bag of coarse cloth. It should be sprinkled with the broth from the meat without salt. Keep the bag you need in a cool place, soak it with broth several times a day.

Fish love the lure of bright colors. From the common earth worm you can make the bait a red hue. To do this, keep the worms in moss, sprinkled on top grated red brick. This procedure is repeated for several days, you can then use this bait.

The cabbage will also be an excellent storage location of the worm. From the head to cut the top and put the worms in cabbage. Then the cabbage is put in a cold place. Worms will be grouped under the top leaves of the cabbage, so before fishing it will be enough to tear off a few cabbage leaves and take them fishing.

When transporting the worms should be in a capacity with the earth. In the lid you need to cut holes for ventilation. This way you can store worms at home, but more than a few days. It is impossible to keep the bait on brightly lit places and in too wet soil. Liquid earth worms will make a very slippery, that will not allow hard to string them on a hook when fishing. In hot weather the worms are kept in cellars or basements, without additional lighting. Dead individuals should be removed from containers, or they can cause the death of another bait.

In the summer the worms are well preserved in containers of foam on the bottom of which lay the seaweed and humus.

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