How to store and handle weapons and ammunition

1.Principal and characteristics of the hunting weapon.

For firearms include rifles. In turn, they differ on a number of grounds: drilling of the stem (these include four common types: smoothbore, rifled and smooth bore with a rifled choke), number of stems, caliber, percussion mechanism (vneshnetorgovaja, nutricology, udarnikov), and purpose (sport shooting, hunting and hunting).

2.The rules of handling firearms.

Regardless of whether loaded weapons or not, never aim it at dwelling, people or Pets. During the training session on battue hunting or returning from it, you must keep the gun unloaded and to carry down the stem. Nature with dense vegetation are not allowed to shoot below the level of human growth. During transport, the weapon must be disassembled, if she does not understand, it must be placed in a special case. Carrying out the movement on the boat or exploring the blind, the gun can be assembled, but not necessarily discharged and directed in the opposite from the people side. Do not open the shotgun earlier than 5 seconds.

3.Security measures when checking the combat shotgun.

The event should be held in designated areas or in ravines and gullies. The area should be clearly visible in case of appearance of people or animals. In the land of zeroing is permitted only during open hunting and if you have the necessary documents.

4.Prohibited hunting tools.

During the hunt are allowed to use shotguns, traps and traps. To his assistants to take the dogs, predatory birds and decoy ducks. Trophy with the use of air guns is prohibited. Categorical taboo there are poisons, chemicals, explosives, lamps and pursuit of game using drive.

5.Acceptable types of powder.

While hunting is allowed to use two types of gunpowder – smoky and smokeless. Tuxedo (or black) powder is flammable and is more suitable for metal casings. Smokeless, long-term storage, can turn into a granulating-explosive. This is evidenced by a sour smell and stains on the grains of powder. Such powder can not be used. Intending to use smokeless powder with old or imported shotgun, you must first verify the presence of stigma on testing these weapons like gunpowder.

How to store and handle weapons and ammunition

6. Storage and care.

At home the gun must be stored disassembled. Ammunition is in metal cabinets and separately from one another. Cleaning should be done after each use and with a period once a month.

7. Rules of conduct with cartridges.

Observance of rules of storage and loading of cartridges can save you from breaking the barrel of the gun. A hunter must have a Board with slots for cartridges. To charge each shell separately. Better to do this one, intently. Not allowed close to fire and heating devices. Smoking while working with ammunition is strictly prohibited. For each operation it is necessary to prepare the table, it should not be unnecessary items, litter, dust and sand. It is mandatory the inspection cartridges. During charging of the cartridges are not used wads of flammable materials – paper, fabric, wool. The transportation of ammunition aircraft or train is only allowed in original packing, in addition, it should be placed in a waterproof package and a bag of soft fabric.

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