How to stick maggots

Maggot has always been and remains a desirable attachment for many species of fish – bream, roach, tench, carp, perch and many others. It can be seen on the hook of the fisherman as with the other baits (worm, bloodworm), and apart from all. The fly larva or maggot is well kept on the hook, very attractive to fish (form and smell), are available and can persist up to several weeks.

To impose the same maggots on the hook, however, is more complicated than worms, bloodworm or caddis larva. And if so-syak impaled earthworm can attract the fish, the maggot is not held, and the reason lies in a very hard and durable skin. To do this, take the hook out of thin steel, this is a special marking on the package, and cling to the thick end of the larvae, while the sting should always leave the body of the maggot, so as not to interfere with the proper hooking of the fish. This method is suitable when a slow bite when the fish are inactive, and the movable bait attracts the fish. Maggot will be a long time to stay alive and to change it will be less. You can plant several larvae to large fish, or Vice versa highlight the bait on the background of the bait on the bottom.

The combination of maggot with other attachments, it always gives a good result, you can experiment with the order of inserting the hook, with the color of the larvae. For this you can add food dye or to feed them egg yolk, then the larva turns yellow. At active bite is allowed to use dead maggots or mounting the stocking, and then he promptly dies. This reduces the number of dummy sweeps fish. To kill maggots, just enough to slightly heat it and then spread aquatic larva becomes much easier. Another option for bait is oculuses larvae. They are not as attractive to fish, but during a good bite is also very efficient. To keep the maggots need in a dark cool place at a temperature of 2-3 degrees, the larva becomes dormant and can remain in this state for up to 3 months.


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