How to stay warm in the field in the cold

How to stay warm in the field in the cold

Fishing or hunting in the bitter cold can be quite a serious challenge for any person and in spite of various measures to prevent cases of General hypothermia or frostbite still have a place to be. Many people know that the coldest winters are only in our country and domestic hunters and anglers have long learned not only to keep warm in the field, but also to get pleasure from the harsh Russian winters.

Every fisherman knows how folk tradition to keep warm in the cold. However, alcohol is not always a panacea that can provide a comfortable and safe long stay in the cold. Alcohol can only help in small doses, and in fact, the heat from the large doses of alcohol is self-deception. In the process of making alcohol the blood vessels in our body dilate, and the person feels a surge of heat, but after a short time they again constrict and the body begins to feel cold.

In contrast to the frostbite and hypothermia that have a local character, when frostbite only the face and parts of the body, the General overcooling of the human body can cause fairly rapid and irreversible consequences, to avoid which it is possible only in time by applying appropriate assistance. Especially can be dangerous hypothermia in the water.

How to stay warm in the field in the cold

In simple cases, the General freezing, experts recommend the use of a makeshift cool box made with your own hands from improvised means. In the open air or within any shelter, you need to roll a makeshift tent made of polyethylene or several stacked pyramid of sleeping bags. Inside this refuge need to light a candle or capsule solid fuel, which will quickly heat the air and keep warm. The temperature in this box rather quickly rises to +20 degrees.

Heavy cold lesions present a more serious problem. When getting into such a situation, you should definitely consider the fact that the account is in the process of salvation is literally on the minute, each of which, used rationally, can cost human life. First and foremost, the man who fell into a hole in the ice or snow, you need to pull out, to strip and change into dry clothes. If all these manipulations of the victim has fine tremor, things are not so bad and the man simply continuing to move until the don’t have a cool box or warm in the bivouac.

The situation when a person is not shaking, is more dangerous and can cause a victim to move in any case impossible. Tremors are one of the protective mechanisms in which heat is generated. The man who suffered from hypothermia and did not tremble can not be massaged, rubbed or offer alcohol. This can cause blood to rush to the internal organs and thereby only exacerbate the affects negative effect. There is even a special term for such cases – death in the recovery process. To help the person who already reside in this state can only be fully isolating it from the influence of frost and cold.

How to stay warm in the field in the cold

The most effective and efficient way to provide heat in this situation will be the bath, the temperature of the water in which is heated to not more than 40C. Or heated through the use of several towels or sheets that have been soaked in water of sufficient temperature. But people in the conditions of nature, must have cooking vessels and cloths, with an area of 1-3 meters. Under street conditions, it is necessary to breed a hot, large fire, and capital structures – required to maintain zero temperature. The man who suffered from hypothermia, you need to undress, put on the insulating surface and to collect pieces of cloth, sweaters, jackets and other garments, covering thus the region of the head, chest, groin and neck. During cooling, it is necessary to change had cooled the hot fabric. Tissue that has had time to cool down, not only warms the body but exacerbates hypothermia. In the process it’s easy to massage and RUB the limbs and other parts of the body. Legs are best placed in a raised position, in order to provide more and better blood flow to the head. The person who has suffered from severe effects of cold or frost can be positioned close to fire or heaters. This could be lethal!

Strong and sharp El highly supercooled parts of the body can be a deadly danger to humans. To heat all parts of the body, you need to slowly and gradually. In any case it is impossible to rapidly warm the affected area or to give in alcohol.

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