How to shoot a gun

An experienced hunter knows that success is largely depending on the weapon. However, before to choose the best rifle, you must answer the questions: where, when and who to hunt? Of course, the returns and other factors also play a role here. Nice moment that Russia is allowed to have not one weapon, but if you want hunting different animals require different kinds of it. After you purchase a new gun should always be calibrated to improve its quality. Remember that it is not necessary to instruct adjustment of a specialist, you can learn it yourself. In any case, after zeroing you will benefit.

To get started is to choose those grains, which are most often in use. Adjust the gun has been fine, if hit the target from three to five pellets at a speed of 200 m/sec. Prepare in advance a 16-year longitudinal target or 100 Dolny. In their absence, you can just take a piece of paper the size of the meter on with a painted target. Then secure them at the required distances, i.e. in the range from 10 to 50 or even up to 70-100 meters.

How to shoot a gun

In the process of zeroing from any position is estimated drobova scree, its density and uniformity, accuracy and consistency of the fight. The distribution of pellets on the target is called Osip, which can learn all about the accuracy of the battle and its stability, as well as other indicators.

Center shot slides easily determined by eye. And then evaluated the level of coincidence of the center of the talus and the aiming point. The level of divergence from the center depends on the distance. Thus, deviations in the ratios of 35 metres – left and right: no more than 75 mm, and up and down: not exceeding 150 mm and 50 mm, respectively.

The accuracy of the battle can be assessed according to the number of pellets in the target. Good accuracy will be in 3-5 hits. A low density will be less than three, in excess of the goal will be more than 5 pellets. Important here will be the moment to whom you wish to hunt. So, when hunting hare, duck, Fox high accuracy is to be welcomed.

The constancy of the battle is characterized by the percentage of its accuracy. The constancy of the battle is good, where the run-up in accuracy from worst to best would be not more than 25%. Wonderful accuracy is estimated to be the difference the battle to 10%. The quality of the ammo affects the constancy of the battle. Cartridges of good quality will encourage the increase of the constancy of the battle.

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