How to sharpen a knife,the detailed description of this process

Many wonder about how to properly sharpen a knife? Because almost all knife products are available from the manufacturer with an already sharpened blade, and buy the first time enjoys it. But after a while, one begins to realize that it is not so well cope with the work, but rather it just stops cutting properly, you can see the moment that the knife begins to cut, and nag, respectively, from the attached you can effortlessly get a significant injury. That’s when you have a question about how to bring the knife to its original state. Some people just go to the nearest hardware store and buy the cheapest abrasive and begin to sharpen a knife, bringing him their primary characteristics. In fact, it is possible to identify the point that nothing good is not over, after several of these cheats you will be able to see numerous scratches on the blade, wherein the cutting edge is starting to deteriorate, and to restore it in such a case is impossible.

We decided to tell you today about how to avoid such problems and learn how to sharpen a knife blade. Any professional master knows that to work properly with a dull knife — a real meal, in the end, the work can be performed correctly. You have to remember that sharpening a knife is the most important moment, with such work in no event it is impossible to spend their time, as with proper sharpening, you simply will not lose in vain. More time you’ll lose only in this case you will use not sharpened knife to work with. In order to develop a truly professional sharpening, you need to be patient, and prepare the bars appropriate granularity.

So, let’s just talk about patience. In order to properly sharpen any steel blade you need about half an hour, and high-quality sharpening long blades with maximum excretion of perfect geometric forms may take more than thirty hours of work. So first you need to prepare.

Let’s look at some words about steel. The total hardness of the steel from which made the blade, but rather it concerns cutting edge, it must be set in the range from 45 to 60 HRC. Softer steel, which has parameters less than 45 HRC, has no meaning to sharpen, since sharpening, edge starts to wrinkle very easily, and steel is a more solid type, it is the density more than 60HRC, sharpened fine, but after a short period of time again begins to grow blunt. To determine the hardness of the steel you will be able in the home, it uses a needle file. If you have a new needle file with a light touch and the push it needs to slide easily on steel, and when strong pressure steel must be easy covered. If this happens, then you can move on to sharpening.

Let’s move on to materials that can be used for sharpening a knife. In General, whetstones and whetstones you will understand more difficult. Foreign production companies are producing bars with colorful names, and in addition to the different names of bars, in General, can be characterized by five-digit numbers. Each room in numerical form will correspond to the number of abrasive grains that are present in single stranded metric cube. For example, you can give block number 15600, this classification is a rough option, but given the bar is quite suitable for sharpening of the working blade to a Burr.

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