How to self recharge the cartridge

Experienced hunters preparing for the hunt, prefer to fill their cartridges themselves, thereby having fun and saving money. There’s a lot of weapons experts believe that the standard cartridges are filled with plenty of shot and less powder.

To fill for the throne yourself, You will need a large table, a special dispenser for shot and gunpowder, the scales must part, the device UPS (with corrections for various calibers), the label for the fraction and the port, spin table, Navoiy to zasypki wads, crimp ring (used for cardboard and metal casings), cartridge cradle with a hole capable of protecting the capsule, stand for the finished cartridge.

Filling the thrones of their own, be sure to follow the instructions.

— Canopy of gunpowder and fractions is calculated based on the weight of the gun. So the weight of the weapon divided by the number of rounds. The number of fractions is determined by the sample fraction. The weight of the charge must be stated on the package.

— Before you fit the cartridge, inspect the casings. From take shells have the least defect. Cracked, mashed and used cartridges should be discarded. But the burnouts and razlomanny you can get rid of. Of carbon on the metal casings can be removed with a weak solution of vinegar. After cleaning, brush the surface with a neutral oil. If the cardboard sleeve is razlomanny hole, it can be dipped in molten wax, thereby strengthening. And plastic put on the frame or on the metal shell larger, to iron edge iron.

— Prepare in advance a primer to be used in the fitting. Using the device oops, hold pressing it will be much easier. Insert the capsule should be tight and straight, 0.1 mm. below the end of the sleeve.

— Cartridges are stacked shims made of cardboard has a thickness of 3 mm If you use the factory gaskets, they need to invest 2-3 pieces. In the case of plastic seal strips are not placed.

— The cartridges must be set to the wads (the village of fibrous, felted and polietilene). If you need additional plugs, you should use the village fibrous.

When filling the metal casings, are only used fiber wads.

— Fill in the liner clearly abolished a number of fractions. The edge of the liner remains free to 5 mm for free download. When pressing the option «stars», the cover of the sleeve remains a lot more space. After that, tap your finger on the sleeve and place on top of gasket. In a «star strip does not lie. Closes the shot wad.

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