How to sea duck hunt in the fall,right choose the place and method of hunting

Probably the most popular and available is duck hunting. Greatest download have hunting include waters with this game. Almost all farms use hunting tents, located near the feeding grounds broods and training flights. But the hunting of these sites is only effective in the second half of August and not available for September or later time, as ducks become more experienced and change the nature of power. Since the end of September flies «North» duck, which quickens the hunt.

In the middle lane ducks arrive from the shores of the Barents and the White sea, and also from the Northern regions. The first usually arrive Teal, box of silkwaste, grey and Mallard sviazi. In October, as a rule, flying sea ducks – Aythya, krohali, Gogol, Savka and others. Hunting them is very interesting and profitable.

Sea ducks to move flocks to the South on a pre-known routes, resting at this time in all the reservoirs. Different types of ducks can eat vegetation from the bottom, or invertebrates, and small fish. For most of the listed animals need to dive. Sea ducks can dive for prey for several meters.

It is not difficult to notice the flight of diving ducks. They will fly near water or large rivers on the distance from the shore. There are two most common methods of hunting sea duck: podyezdnoy on the boat or stuffed animal to the shelter.

During the approach to the bird should adhere to the following rules. To begin the hunt you need while feeding the ducks, then they are not as attentive during the holidays. You need to give the ducks time to sit at least 15-20 minutes. To move to the ducks should be straight and evenly, driving at this time scull, to avoid suspicion ducks.

It is important to choose the direction of the entrance. During the wind waterfowl always fly against him. In this case, only contribute to reducing the distance from the hunter to the ducks.

How to sea duck hunt in the fall,right choose the place and method of hunting

Also widely used this method of hunting «hunting out of the tent and stuffed». It is very effective in ponds with regular resting sea ducks during autumn migration. The tent should be placed on large ples or on stilts, or platform afloat that need to be fixed. Sea ducks, as gregarious birds have a reaction to stuffed. Scarecrows should be set at least 15-20 pieces, and put better on a broad front near the hut.

Since ducks have a very dense plumage, and shoot you in the far distance, the gun should have a sharp and heap fight. For medium and small ducks are suitable rooms 6 and 5. The sitting ducks better get going No. 4. For larger birds better not be a fraction smaller than No. 4 or No. 3.

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