How to save game while hunting in different conditions

How to save game while hunting in different conditions

Experienced hunters know that game birds can always prepare a large number of tasty and delicious dishes. It has a unique taste and aroma and is highly regarded in terms of cooking. It should be noted that the characteristics of meat of the same species of game can depend on its accommodation, food at a certain season of the year and, of course, the hunter storage.

Game meat is one of the most useful and delicious food. But to prepare the entire volume of production obtained on the hunt, makes absolutely no sense. That is why the participants of the hunt is a frequent question on the timely processing of trophies and their storage over a long period of time. First and foremost, the game killed in the hunt is not worth it to put in a Hiking backpack, to ease their future path. She needs time to cool off. For this the carcass is hung for the top end to the tree. If there is no time to perform such manipulation, the carcass can be attached in the same position behind or at the waist.

A huge impact on the quality of the meat may also be used in its primary processing, and the methods chosen for storage in the process the rest of the period of hunting. The main stages of initial processing of carcasses, a sequence which must be strictly adhered to is – gutting, processing, preservative agents, mandrel and cooling.

Immediately after slaughter, the birds is still a certain amount of time can last for the digestive process. That is why the finishing process is best to start as early as possible. To do this, first received the ability you need to release the carcass from dirt and debris, wipe using dry twigs and moss and is mandatory to remove the intestines. If there is still a long process of hunting, and hence the game need to be stored for a certain period of time, then in any case should not wash or allow to get wet in the rain or snow.

To pluck the bird is not worth it. For the execution of this process can take quite a lot of valuable time, and the skin without feathers, in the process of transportation and carrying can be quite hurt or wet. However, it is worth noting that in the summer-plucked carcass cool down faster, not giving meat to turn sour. This is especially important when hunting waterfowl, which body is covered with thick down keeps the body warm.

To provide a game storage in the field without preservation. It is necessary to fill the mouth and cleansed the cavity of the bird with pieces of onion, nettle leaves or juniper and sprinkle with the abdomen a small amount of salt. The game, thus treated already you can put in a travel bag, however if you plan to camp, it is best to pull it and hang upside down in a cool place that is not crawling with insects. The perfect place for this is the juniper tree, which does not have insects. The game can be covered with a canopy of gauze or fumigate the smoke from the fire divorced. Depending on weather conditions and the temperature of the air processed in compliance with such rules carcasses can be stored from 2 days to 2 weeks.

In the spring, there is another option of hunting trofee, which will allow the meat to deteriorate over a long period of time. Since ancient times, the tribes inhabiting the Northern regions, knew the secret storage Linnich produced hundreds of geese and ducks in a unique way. Dry place to the layer of permafrost pruned turf of moss. Clipped layer is removed and formed on the ground, very close to each other to be on the tail of the dead bird. The top and sides draped with a layer of turf. Secure storage of the game provides lower cooling and moss, which has disinfectant properties.

Longer shelf life of meat can be achieved, but it is necessary to use more serious methods of treatment, such as Smoking, salting or freezing. If hunting is in the winter season, then freeze game meat can in a natural way — in limbo in the cold or in the snow. If you plan the process of salting the game after slaughter, must be used. Bloat the game, using hot or cold methods of Smoking, you can immediately in the field. For this you can dig and equip the smoke pit, but to carry out all appropriately no specific skills alone is not possible.

We should not forget that under appropriate conditions and for a certain amount of time can provide a proper and suitable storage only birds, which in the slaughtering process has not been broken or severely damaged fraction and has a full external characteristics.

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