How to restore stock?How to choose the wood so that the example was beautiful and strong

After some time, example your arms will necessarily change its original appearance, because the weapon is completely protected from accidental shocks or careless handling. Therefore, if you wish, you can intervene and give an example in the original form. Today we decided to talk about various ways to prevent and on the contrary to protect the wood from all sorts of adverse environmental effects. Will be given to both old and modern methods of restoration examples.

When only began to develop hunting enterprises, which were aimed at the invention and manufacture of weapons, the experts were in search of the optimal solution for the base guns. At that time it was necessary for a higher convenience when shooting and carrying weapons. If you start to consider the tree species, you’ll find that not every type is capable of suitable for the manufacture of boxes. Of course, the experts then had to choose from, but in order to find the optimum solution, be sure to test each type of wood. Accordingly, in order to determine which wood is best suited for the manufacture of the examples required no small amount of time. The Lodge was nominated a large number of important requirements, and more specifically to visual appearance, simplicity and ease of manufacturing, and also stiffness and lightness.

In fact, all of the above qualities is of hazelnut wood, which has for a long period of time is used in the manufacture of boxes for all types of weapons.

Let’s now talk a little bit about European walnut wood. The basic properties of a given wood is determined only by conditions of growth. To get really high-quality material for lodges, walnut trees sat in special places. The best place is the dry stony soil that contains large amount of salts, and also contributes to the compactness and growth of the trunk. Fertile land is able to give light, and most importantly, porous and uniform in color as the wood. In independence, where they were grown trees, in General, walnut trees can be divided into several classes. Perhaps, to the most expensive class belongs to a dark walnut, it creates a sharp gnarled texture. The largest plantation of walnut for the arms is in Turkey.

How to restore stock?How to choose the wood so that the example was beautiful and strong

French walnut is bright and has fine threads. Otherwise it is very solid and has excellent texture. French walnut cost and quality can be attributed to the second bar. The English walnut is lighter, but this wood is very rarely used by manufacturers for making examples. Figure English walnut resembles a bright flame of fire, and polished the surface is, in General, will have a Golden hue.

Best Spanish walnut could virtually match the dark walnut, not even a professional specialist in the field of wood not every time can find differences in texture, as well as the difference in the picture. Here Italian walnut was used only in the origination of arms, and to this day it is almost not used and thought to be extinct. It has a dense structure and therefore it is very well cut. The wood is Italian walnut is always light, so producers are always required to produce the rendering in a more intense dark color, as many people understand that too light a barrel at the first trip hunting will change its color, and to clean and bring it in the original form would be difficult and costly.

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