How to properly shoot a gun

Before you start to make the adjustment, you should determine a normal charge and a shell for your shotgun. Let’s just not talk a lot about what constitutes the correct projectile and charge for zeroing. A normal outfit for a fraction, unless of course your shotgun is built correctly, better suited to the roll of the twelfth, sixteenth and twentieth respectively calibers. Famous gunsmith of S. A. Buturlin gave advice to take the projectile that is equal to 1/96 of the total weight of the gun. If you do the rounding, then Grabovogo guns can be considered acceptable weight of 1/100 relative to the weight of the gun. Remember that weight should be taken into account, not including the belt running. From this we can identify if, for example, the gun weighs three kilograms and two hundred grams, then a shell of the fraction shall be equal to thirty-two grams.

Let us now discuss how to calculate the powder based on the weight of the projectile. Charge of medium strength smoke of gunpowder for guns that produce shots bullets twelve-gauge should be five and one-half times lighter than the projectile, and for guns of the sixteenth caliber, six times.

Accordingly, from this we can determine if our shot shell will weigh thirty two grams, then the powder charge will be equal to twelve-gauge shotgun as much as five and eight-tenths of a gram, and for guns of the sixteenth caliber as much as five and three-tenths of a gram. It is possible to determine the time, the smaller caliber guns, the less need for a charge of black powder, at the same time, even despite the different weight data, because every rifle has a certain weight.

If you decide to take the parameters to create a projectile for shotgun sixteenth caliber and will try to use his shotgun twelve-gauge, eventually you will be able to significantly enhanced the sharpness, and at the same time, hence will reduce the accuracy.

Today, as you know, there is a smokeless powder of the brand «Falcon», you definitely need to consider the point that when all installed the same conditions, hazardous pressure in most cases comes from the increased weight of the projectile fractions than of the total weight of the projectile. Accordingly, the more will weigh the projectile, the stronger will be the impact of the shot. If you correctly can create a shell, if the shot will be properly equated to your needs.

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