How to properly measure the trophies of the hunter and his skills

One of the first and the oldest classes who possessed the man was hunting. Nowadays you can meet a lot of people for whom hunting is a meaning of life, favorite pastime or just a hobby.

Hunters are always collected and boasted trophies of their victories in battles with the beast. Long ago, ancient people collected these trophies: horns, hooves, tusks of animals and their skins. Nowadays, it also serves as trophy hunters, but as a rule, trophies are now specially treated and mounted on various supports, attached to the walls, decorate the floor near the fireplace. Today, the trophy hunters can be compared to works of art. Exhibitions such trophies attract the attention of many.

Since hunting is a very popular pastime and there are a number of collectors hunting trophies, and there is a need to develop means of assessing such trophies.

The first evaluation methods of the trophies were very subjective. Trophies were assessed without any rules, was based only on visual perception. General objective methods of evaluation of trophies appeared in the late 20-ies of the last century. For example, in Germany it was proposed by Behera method of estimation of the horns of the deer, the Nadler in Hungary has been proposed a method of estimating the horns of a deer.

Then began to appear the methods of evaluation of the fangs of a boar, horns of a deer, elk, chamois. Finally, the rules of evaluation of trophies have been defined in the Prague International Council meeting of hunters in 1937, where he established a point system. Rating rules over time have changed and improved. In Spain in 1952, a meeting of the International Council of hunters, which was revised and modified methods of evaluation of trophies, but the point system is preserved. The changes and views in the system evaluation was carried out many times. It should be noted that the countries that first began to appreciate the trophies, such as Hungary and Austria repeatedly advocated the preservation of the evaluation system in its original form. For example, the representatives of these countries tried to keep the method

Nadler, but this method involves the assessment of the trophy only by its physical properties and does not take into account aesthetic possibilities. Controversial issues often arise that led to the establishment 1955 in Copenhagen, the official international rating system.

Methods of evaluation of trophy hunters give the opportunity to hold exhibitions, auctions, trophies, and the ability to obtain certain rewards.

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