How to properly handle and keep meat of small animals

Of the smaller animals, which usually are hunted for human consumption suitable meat rabbits, woodchucks, nutria, beavers. Unreasonably some disdain meat of the muskrat, which in North America is considered quality product that is suitable for the diet. The butchering of animals presents no special difficulties. Consider the processing on the example of the hare. Produced animal lifted the front part and vacated bladder, holding the palm of the hand on the belly in a downward direction. When I get back from hunting, remove from rabbit skins with raznoy.

Next, gut the carcass. At the same time of suspension do not remove. Cut pubic fusion of the pelvis in the animal (pubis). Further, missing fingers, with a knife carefully cut open the abdominal wall of the carcass along the midline to the sternum.

Under the beast do not forget to put the washed bowl or just a bucket to build the internals. Holding the intestines, carefully separate the rectum along with the anus from the pelvic cavity and remove the intestines with the stomach, not forgetting to cut the esophagus. From the sternum to the neck, cut along the rib cage until the costal cartilages. Next on my throat make an incision to free the esophagus and the trachea. Also remove the lungs, liver and heart. Carefully separate the gallbladder.

The head is usually not eaten, just cut it off. Then with a knife remove the front legs, shoulders, thorax, lumbar, neck. Now remove raznoy back and cut into 3 pieces. Processing ends with the cutting off of hands and feet, removing their skins. Treated in the same way and other small animals. Keep in mind that in the period of the fishery processing is as required by buyers. So, hares, harvest time in the skins, often not even the gut (in the winter, while fishing a samolovama). If necessary, the meat of small animals it is possible to pickle and smoke in the same manner as for the meat of large animals. Historical fact: after the war on the Solovetsky Islands (as this was the first place where the muskrat acclimatized in our country) muskrat carcasses were salted for the winter full barrels. If you want a short (no more than 1.5 weeks) conservation of meat, it can be gutted, without skins the carcass RUB with salt and garlic by hanging them in a cool place.

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