How to properly care for a hunting dog is a guarantee of her health and good hunting

The best will be if you put a hunting dog in a good kennel and warm the shed in the backyard. In this circuit use is not desirable. But if the dog is kept on a chain, then twice a day she should be allowed to run at large less than an hour. The chain needs to be durable, lightweight and long enough.

In the yard be sure to carry out daily cleaning of excrement, burying them in the ground or throwing into the sewer.

A good bedding may be straw. In addition, every week change the litter, housing monthly dog wash with hot water kraainem to disinfect.

When the content of a hunting dog in the apartment she is given a permanent place to which it was taught. Instead of litter, you can use a piece of canvas stretched on a wooden frame. Many limit the movement of dogs around the apartment with a leash to a ring, bolted to the floor. This is especially true of young poorly trained dogs that can chew things. Walking the dog is not necessarily less than twice a day in morning and evening hours. A hunting dog needs to lead an active way of life and requires constant training.

In order to protect the dog from various infections, it is necessary to make annual vaccination in veterinary clinics. Should I take care of my dog, which is to proper feeding, regular monthly washing, combing faded wool with special brushes, the control of insects and helminths with the help of chemicals. You need to monitor the health of the ears that rubbed daily with hydrogen peroxide.

The most important condition for growing healthy, strong and hardy dog is the organization of correct feeding. Feed dogs twice a day food is brought to room temperature. While they do not overfeed, you need to follow the recommended dosage according to the weight and breed of the animal. Bowls for food and water should be regularly washed and rinsed with boiling water.

Give the food after the animal took a little rest after an active activity. Immediately after eating the dog also needs a small passive rest. Food should be benign, contain the necessary proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. For dog foods, many people use dry food, which includes the whole set of nutrients and vitamins necessary for proper development of the animal and maintenance

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