How to properly and by law to sell a hunting rifle

Before each hunter sooner or later the question arises, how to sell an old shotgun, while avoiding the headache, hassle and to make things right. Detailed information about the sale of hunting rifles in open access are almost there, and the forums often have to flip through a bunch of pages to find some really good advice. In this article you can learn all the rules and intricacies of the sale hunting rifle.

For hunting rifles of all brands and features, there are only two:

•Sell weapons across the state was register the weapon shop;

•Reissue documents a hunting rifle to another individual.

Before selling guns are required to report on their implementation decision was the local arms unit of the police Department specialized in issuing licenses and permits for storing and use of firearms. You will be given the appropriate forms that need to be filled. To do this, don’t forget to bring your passport on the weapon and the permission to it. If the service OVD does not detect any obstacle to the sale, you will give in place the appropriate help which will have to be present in the gun shop.

Before the sale, compare the features of the gun with the specified data in the passport. You may have some difficulty, if the gun was purchased in Soviet times, before the release of the latest edition of the law on weapons illegally or if you have made improve the characteristics (cut or added different materials).

To sell a hunting rifle can also be through their friends or advertise on a website. This is a better option than to go to consignment stores that charge for their services. After all, any realtor trying to «acquire» a substantial percentage. To start ask friends hunters don’t need anyone hunting rifle. The buyer first, you need to contact the Department for permission to purchase arms. You will then need along with a buyer will appear in that OU where the gun is placed on the account, and to restructure the documents to the new owner.

When selling a rifle, you should take the help of a direction to conduct test shooting. This type of verification of arms accords with the purchaser.

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