How to prepare the skins to develop

Soaking is, mezdrovyj, washing and fat removal are preparatory processes for the full currying. The first step is soaking, which aims to make the recovery process in the structure of skin tissue that meets just removed from a dead wild animal skin. Thus there is complete exclusion from it of unwanted substances and preservatives, which are dissolved in water. The majority of the soaking performed in two ways – spreading and okunoin.

Okunoin the soaking method is carried out in tanks large enough capacity, which is not susceptible to oxidation processes. This may be a barrel made of wood, tank, plastic, or utensils covered with enamel, but before I prepare a solution it must be washed thoroughly. A recipe for the soaking is complete dependence on the type of preservation of the skin and its real state. If the skin is preserved fresh-dry method, one litre of not too cold water will give you 30 – 40 grams of common salt and antiseptic, to prevent the development of negative processes of decay and reproduction of undesirable microorganisms. In the role of an antiseptic is very well suited zinc chloride, or phenol (carbolic acid). Phenol is often used to support relevant health conditions in the cattle farms. One liter of the prepared solution for soaking is enough to add two grams of carbolic acid.

If you decide to use as an antiseptic zinc chloride, the content in the soaking should not exceed two or three grams per one liter of solution. Feature of the application of chloride of zinc is the fact that it significantly strengthens hair, skin and also has beneficial properties when performing work with slightly damaged skins.

Immersed into the solution for soaking the skins top must be weighted, thereby preventing its ascent, and to ensure that capacity was not crowded. The time of soaking can be from two to three hours to three or four days, and is directly dependent on the duration of preservation, and the initial processing and mezdrovyj.

Very quickly succumb to the effects of soaking, the hides of which were initially well treated and kept in place with normal temperature and humidity conditions. Conversely, the longer the storage period the skins in canned form, the more difficulties will be faced in the period of soaking. Very bad were soaked skins that insufficient was cleared of fatty deposits, as their excess on the skin create a very strong obstacle to the penetration of the solution. Do not undergo absorption solution skins, leather which «orahovica» if the wrong approach to the process of drying, performed in haste under high temperature conditions. For such skins used training or major, which is a swelling of the tissues of the skin when using acid amplifier of the type for which the quality of the ingredient should take two to three grams of acetic acid in a concentrated form in one liter of water. Acetic (ice) acid is sold in stores chemicals. If you can not buy acetic acid can be applied food 70% of th vinegar, what is sold in any grocery retail outlet.

To prepare the solution of soaking it is necessary to take twenty milliliters of the essences in five liters of water. In this case, the skin swells at a very fast pace and within three minutes, the thickness increases two to three times. But to complete the process, this is not enough, you need a few days to «dead skin went through a full cycle of loosening.

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