How to prepare the bait

A large variety of feeds can only wonder. Stores abound with feed, but anglers prefer to prepare the bait at home. It is always fresh, the components are selected for specific conditions, where to fish and what.

Time costs prevail, the result is positive.

Fishing occurs in different conditions, so the fishermen are trying to prepare the universal composition of the feed. Bait is prepared with fresh ingredients. Damaged one of the components will spoil the whole composition of the mixture, and the lure hopelessly lose their quality. Store the finished mixture should be no more than two weeks. The main component of bait – crackers, better crumb white loaf. The second component bran. Bran bait is loosened, and thereby do the work. When mixing, you can use the bran of two types of grinding: large and small. In the preparation of bait used cake, sunflower. It should add up to 20%. When using toasted ground seeds mixture is not stored for more than a week. Grain hemp seeds are a great substitute.

Crackers and bran 3:1 – mix with the addition of cake. Before catching for added flavor, mix with cereal to 30%. The mixture was passed through a sieve with a cell of 6 mm. the Tack is adjusted by water. Any bait should be checked for smearing the lumps in the water. If the lump crumbles after 25 minutes, the goal is achieved. If fishing is in still water, shallow water, the amount of cake it is desirable to increase and bring to a ratio of 1:1, and for catching small fish portion, it is desirable to grind in a food processor. The composition of the mixture include breadcrumbs, bran and a little flavor. The mixture is poured water, to adjust the dose, and it is stored for a long time. Before fishing add other components.

The ability to prepare the bait will come to the rescue of a fisherman in any situation.


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