How to prepare for the hunt for the Roebuck

Today, you can really hunt more and more difficult, because the constant lack of time does not give almost no chance to make a one — day outing to the bosom of nature, to sit with friends around the campfire after a successful hunt and enjoy eating the red ROE prepared hunting trophy. Currently, a large value provides hunting for deer, namely, the male of this species of wild animals. However, you were successful in this event need to prepare for it. Essentially the hunting of such individual is one of the most affordable, in the presence of deer in the forest land and its value. Individuals should take note of one feature – the hunt for the Roebuck’s happening open the season and it lasts till the mass hunting of this wild animal, namely from may to September.

The hunt lead by several methods, for example, in an ambush in the places of feeding deer or snow. In July and August, during the rut, good results are also obtained with the use of the hunting decoy, which simulates the voice of a female, the male reacts immediately. One of the most promising and successful methods of hunting the fall deer – it’s an exfoliating tool that is invisible to the approaching wild beast, who has an excellent sense of smell and hearing. But one feature of the male deer, the hunter can use to their advantage is their strong curiosity. Hearing steps or random crash, it just will not run without looking back, and they want to learn – whether to run. Therefore, the distance shots can be approached without any problems.

When choosing equipment for hunting it is necessary to consider some conditions. That it should be durable and comfortable is one thing, second thing, you need to take into account the fact that the hunting season falls on the months with a high thermal regime. Can not be discounted, and all sorts of insects, because in addition to mosquitoes and gnats, you may have to wait one more trouble – it ticks, which in addition to painful sensations can cause disease. For this reason, going on the hunt to stock up on shoes with high lace-up tops, t-shirt, light type and a mosquito suit. The best option in this case will be the summer uniform for the military.

To be fully confident in the results of a survey area for the presence of deer, it is imperative to have a pair of binoculars with six — to eightfold increase. This is the best option in terms of price, picture quality, dimensions. When choosing binoculars you need to consider one feature – the picture should be expressive, not only during the day but at twilight. The fact is that to meet Roebuck and possible early morning and late evening.

The best distance for a clean shot on the deer is a distance of 100 – 145 meters, but with good marksmanship to hit the target and with two hundred meters. And only use the optical sight guarantees shot with a hit in a lethal place male. For ethical reasons hunting wild animals need to acquire a single shot, not to surf and finish off the wounded.

For a successful hunt, you can use any rifle, as the Roebuck, it’s not a rabbit and not a squirrel, where an important role plays the accuracy of fire. It is best not to pick too heavy a rifle with a medium length barrel. For this type of hunting is best to use cartridges with the main event, and preferably more than 22 caliber, but not less. Such training to hunt the Roebuck gives a chance for the production of the trophy without any difficulties with minimal damage to the meat.

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