How to prepare for the autumn perch fishing

Perch caught throughout the year except during mid-winter and in the summer heat. However, provided that the bait will be picked up correctly, and responsibly is configured tackle, even during these periods it is possible to catch a few decent fish.

Now back to the time when this predator is caught on a spinning best. Therefore, this period is November, this month the predator starts the autumn feeding period when the fish greedily catches on any objects that remind her prey.

Note that, despite the high activity to catch perch can only fishermen who know how to pick bait and place to catch. You will also need some skills in choosing the tactics of fishing.

It is important to know that the perch fishing in the summer and fall is significantly different, for example, if during the summer the predator is more common at depth, in autumn it is often possible to catch inshore and in bays with a depth of half a meter, of course, subject to favourable weather conditions. Now consider the main features of the perch in the autumn months.

Artificial bait for perch fishing in autumn

1. Spinners.

Lures of this type are available in different sizes, shapes and colors of colors, but perch fishing in any period should be matched with the size of 3-5 cm, preferably natural color. Choice is only necessary for high-quality models, the petals of which are able to begin work, even if the transaction is executed at the minimum speed.

2. Crankbaits.

So, for fishing in the fall is not recommended to consider models of lures surface type. Note that the predator in cold water adheres to the bottom, so it is right to buy sinking lures. As for the size of a No. 1-2, the color shade of the lure is selected on the basis of the forage base for the predator, as well as weather conditions and water clarity.

3. Kastmaster.

This bait is used when fishing for perch all year round. The undeniable advantage of kastmaster is the stability of the game regardless of how and at what speed is posted. The use of bait allows you to make accurate long casts and catch bass in all sections.

4. Jig.

Sea bass fishing on jig baits is the most popular. Note that the weight of the jig head for perch should not exceed 5 grams, if fly fishing is on the reservoir over, then you can use the funds from drain lead (shipping is separate from the hook at a distance of 0.7-1 meter). The leash is tied ordinary single hook №6-7 with long forend. Best lures will fit Twister with a length of 3-5 cm, green, red, white or orange hue. The colour is chosen based on weather conditions and water clarity.

How to choose the right place for perch fishing in autumn

It lives mainly perch near the bottom, on the surface of the pond rises rarely. Hunting for a fry predator in the coastal area closer to the snags and thickets of vegetation. Good place for perch fishing are any areas with flooded hydraulic structures.

The prospective for catching big perch will be a deep pit with snags on the bottom or large rocks. The easiest way to catch perch from a boat, which is 20-30 metres from the promising place. If the lure along the border of submerged or emergent vegetation and to carry on this stretch of wiring, there is high probability that after the first attempt will be productive bite.

If you are searching for places to catch managed to find a deep hole, then the boat should be placed exactly over it, and to throw the bait at a distance of 15-20 meters from the boat. The posting speed, it is important that the bait is constantly touch the bottom, only in this case will be able to provoke predator to attack.

Features perch fishing spinning reel: we select and custom tackle

After the place for fishing, you can begin oblaivanie with the use of the above baits. Note that the experienced anglers are starting to catch perch with lures silicone, installation will fit any, but if the bottom is heavily littered, you can use a snap with the drain leash, where the bait (Twister, vibrohvosta) are locked to a small offset hook.

Note that the activity of the perch can vary dramatically both the positive and negative side, the reasons are many, namely, cold, air pressure changes, the force and direction of the wind. Best perch in autumn bite in calm and cloudy weather, which is accompanied by drizzling rain.

Now a few words about how to prepare tackle for the fall perch fishing, as well as carried out the process of fishing.

So, for catching striped predator from the land (the shore), it is recommended to stop the choice on the spinning rods that have a length of 2.7-3.1 meters for boat fishing rod you can pick up a shorter length, for example, is 1.7-2.1 meters. As for the test, regardless of the length of the selected spinning rate must be within 0-14 grams. If you plan to fish on watercourses, it is possible to consider the rods with the test 7-30 grams.

The coil we select the conventional, preferably with front drag metal spool size 2500. On the spool you can wind conventional fishing line with a cross section of 0.18-0.2 mm, but if finances allow, it is better to buy a braided cord with a cross section of 0.08 mm or 0.1 mm. the advantages of the latter lie in the tensile strength with a small diameter.

In addition you need to remember about some of the secrets of catching bass in the last month of autumn.

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