How to pick up screws and care for him

Ice screws is a device which carried out the drilling holes with ice to start ice fishing. There are picks of manual type, which are divided into the screw, picks, devices with gasoline or electric drives. Each of them has its distinctive advantages and disadvantages.

To correctly choose one or the other screws, you should follow some rules dostatochnoe. The choice is influenced, first of all, the preferences of the angler, that is the kind of fish he intends to catch at this pond in the winter. If the goal of fishing is bream, the main selection criterion is the diameter of the ice screws, and such parameter as performance, there would no longer be important.

In General, all picks are the same among themselves, the differences are only in certain elements. However, it is the quality of these elements affects the comfort and reliability of the device.

A significant moment for any angler is the diameter of the ice. If fishing will be conducted on a small perch, roach or small bream, that is fine, the auger has a diameter of 100 millimeters. For catching large fish and possible bite, use screws that have a diameter of more than 160 millimeters.

When choosing screws, don’t look at its low price, which is most often the products of unfamiliar manufacturers. Because boring while fishing many have, and therefore the load on the drill will be very large. It is therefore important that the material and design was of excellent quality. It is better to buy an expensive device, but you can not worry about its stability. It is worth noting that on the market there are many brands of ice screws, so there are plenty to choose.

Choose those picks, which is necessary when drilling to use both hands, which facilitates this process. Also the choice of device influences the current direction of the stroke. Typically, the domestic models have left the direction of foreign models – right.

Finding himself screws, follow certain guidelines for care, which will significantly increase the period of operation of the purchased device.

1. In the process of fishing put the smaller screws directly on wet snow because the screw can instantly form ice crust. Whenever possible, install the screws in an upright position, trying it at a depth of 5 to 10 inches in an ice crust.

2. After fishing put the drill in a warm place and use a soft rag to wipe his knives. Regardless of what made the blades need to wipe them and dry thoroughly, otherwise over time they may form rust. In warm time of the year, removing the drill for storage, lubricate the knives motor oil for better storage.

3. Under no circumstances do not knock on the ice, and other hard surface cutting blades, otherwise the blades are quickly blunted.

4. No need to knock down the frozen ice with knives. Better to melt this ice in a warm room, or put the device in the hole and let ice melt. As a last resort it is allowed to scrape or clear ice, but in no case to nastuchat.

5. Augers foreign production are cleaned by simply lowering them into the hole. With domestic augers can do while they have the paint. With a small amount of paint on the screw the ice will freeze firmly on the naked ground, so to beat him will have the use of a wooden stick. Therefore, no stray left over paint.

6. Lubricate folding screws at the joint of his knees.

7. When transported on the sled picks should always be in the folded state in the presence of protective shroud on the blades.

The drill – the device is not cheap, so it is important to carefully approach the choice of this tool and care, because it affects the success of fishing in the winter.


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