How to organize the night in a winter forest

How to organize the night in a winter forest

Winter day, as a rule, is very short and the daylight is almost always sufficient for the hunter or fisherman managed to carry out his plan. Therefore, in the winter months of the year, many fans of these exciting activities, go on nature with an overnight stay. In this case, not in all cases, you can count on the fact that a person is near the forgotten hut or base. In this case, the person receives no other choice but to organize a night in the woods or on the river Bank. And if in the summer, so overnight may not be a particular problem in the winter overnight in the fresh air can be a serious exam at the school of survival.

First of all, going on winter fishing or hunting, you should never exclude the possibility of a forced or planned overnight. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare in advance all equipment that may be useful in the preparation of the place of lodging. Axe and saw can become the main tools in the list of things. Everyone knows that fishermen and hunters are usually limited in the amount of equipment they have to carry. Axe who take a hike, is small in size and very compact. With a tool of this type is very handy for quickly chopping wood for a fire, to hammer the pegs of the tents and perform other small tasks. But to cut with it, more or less thick wood will be more difficult. In this case, the help easy and does not require a lot of space a hacksaw. For the organization of accomodation you will need a spool of strong twine and a piece of film no bigger than 3 meters, to cover Smoking.

Make the decision to stay overnight, preferably before nightfall, so as to equip the place for the better just before dark. This is best done in advance, so you do not have to search in the dark forest firewood or materials for building a shelter. To start with the choice of location. The most appropriate place for this night will be pine wood or forest. In such forests there is always a thin pine saplings, dead wood and dead trees, which are very easy to make great, and to the extent possible, a safe shelter.

The most important element of a sleepover, without which any camp is likely to fail, is, of course, a bonfire. Organization of heating in the dark winter forest represents a primary challenge for any hunter or fisherman who plans to spend the night outdoors.

Taiga or fire nodya considered to be the most suitable options for fire in the conditions and frosty winter forest. Both varieties are properly located to each other logs, which burn for the entire length. In some cases, it’s just two large logs laid on one another and held in this position by means of several special peg hammered on both sides along the edges of the fire. For proper installation of this fire must, above all, patience and care in the selection of dry twigs. That’s why bed it is best to organize in places where there are still deadwood.

How to organize the night in a winter forest

In the logs for the fire, vytesyvajut gutters of any depth. The logs are stacked on top of each other, leaving a place for a third of logs, propped up from below by small pegs that hold the entire structure. At some distance from the main fire, lay another small fire, «the well» or «hut». Its purpose is a more convenient preparation of food, and more quantities of coal to maintain the main focus.

As a shelter, typically used canopy or inclined wall. It should be noted that Nadu is best placed at a distance of not more than half a meter from the top of the wall of the shelter. Construction of shed for shelter – the process is quite complex and therefore, it makes sense to use something like a fallen tree, the trunk of which is located at some distance from the ground. It was on this trunk can be put pre-prepared poles to form a canopy, which will be drawn in the direction of fire. If the hunter was not so lucky and he was unable to find such a tree, the canopy is created from the not very thick poles that are bundled with twine, and the lower ends are getting a divorce. Under a canopy it is necessary to carefully clear the ground of snow, and build a bench covered with spruce branches. It will be the thicker the layer is, the more comfortable to sleep. The top design is covered with a film which is filled with a decent layer of snow. This will ensure maximum comfort and warmth shelter.

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