How to organize deep fishing for pike.

Fishing playful jacks-live in the grass is very difficult, but very interesting. But to catch a large predator is much more interesting.

The family includes small pike «live in the grass» and «crocodiles» on the depth. Small in size travyanka weighing from one to five kilograms. And the giants, the depths have weight from seven to seventeen pounds.

It’s a pretty good catch, which extremely attracts fishermen. Hunting deltoides more profitable, but lived deep waters become a subject of special excitement for many fishermen go fishing.

How to kill the mistress of the deep waters? First of all, you need to plan it carefully. Pike, has a weight of thirteen pounds, resembles a six-foot log. The head of a huge size with a mouth equipped with sharp teeth can scare whoever you want. If you are angling caught on crankbait walleye or perch, probably remember the force of the blows.

But the blow of a pike, really reminds of a crocodile, much stronger. Thrill-seekers probably are attracted by the opportunity to hunt in murky waters, where the large snags and logs, stones of various submerged objects lives a monster resembling a crocodile to a depth of nine meters. This predator often enters the shallows, eyebrows, and lures, which are used during night fishing often and pike. Almost always it ends in loss of the lure.

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