How to organize and properly conduct the hunt with the wolves flags

Hunting with flags in the winter is one of the difficult and very interesting types of hunting. Sometimes you have to go a very great distance, but the excitement and interest help to overcome any distance. If the hunter managed to overcome all the difficulties, by nightfall he will receive a trophy.

In this case it is important to drive the wolf on the territory, enclosed by flags. Flags are made of red fabric (length 25 cm, width 10-15 cm), sew to the cord at a distance of 50-70 cm from each other. For carrying and hanging them on makeshift wound coil. The length of the path of the check boxes should be at least 5 km When check boxes are selected they must be lubricated with a substance with a well-defined pahuchest.

Wolf retains any smell, which is not found in the forest, but smells of gasoline and kerosene, are not deterred by these predators because they know that these odors are safe. The worst smell for a wolf there is a smell person, so the checkboxes should have the human scent. At least 2 people set the check boxes in the places of stay of the beast.

After the installation check boxes senior huntsman puts hunters and a group of beaters. The hunters must stand on the snow, standing very quietly not moving anywhere and keep the gun already loaded, waiting for the beast. And the beaters need to drive wolf numbers, very carefully moving to the center of salary in the form of pumps, driving animals to the shooting distance. If suddenly the wolves for a long time do not go out on the shooters, the beaters have to figure out on the trail, they were raised with maturation in any part of the salary they are and then to repeat the unit.

Upon discovery by hunters of a wolf on the shooting distance, the beast does not have to see or hear. When observing silence shot the wolf can approach it very close and quiet. Wolf if you suspect danger, move through the woods slowly Jogging. The shot must be made by the last wolf in this case, you can manage to shoot in the near him the wolves, the hit should be very precise. When the animal is moving sideways to the hunter to shoot under the shoulder blade, the elbow, if right in the chest.

After getting the trophy arrows remain in place, and the beaters to check the trail of the wolves came out on the shooters, if still, the hunting continues when there are no more wolves on ovlazhnenie territory – the hunters leave the forest and enjoy going home.

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