How to organize a hunt for the Fox with a decoy,properly equipping and choosing a weapon

How to organize a hunt for the Fox with a decoy,properly equipping and choosing a weapon

Fox – an animal of the canine. Featuring a beautiful thick fur, red or black-brown color. All foxes have dark ears, white breast and tip of tail. Hunting foxes is extremely rare, not everyone has the ability to contain the hounds and the Fox fur does not enjoy widespread popularity.

Hunting Fox with a decoy is available to each hunter. Only need a decoy with mouse or rabbit squeak, which you can buy or make with their hands. The sound of the device must be clean, believable and not fake. Of course, a homemade decoy to make difficult, but there are some craftsmen who used to make them. Some hunters able to publish lips such a mouse squeak Fox takes over the voice of this beast.

Hunting with a decoy more exciting and interesting than with hounds. Of equipment you need to prepare camouflage clothing, decoy, binoculars and gun. Fox is very cautious, if you notice the presence of the man, then immediately run away and hide. Clothing is best to choose white ( for winter time) or special hunting hoodie. To behave as quietly as possible, hearing from the furry beast is very developed. You can hunt at any time of the day, the main thing to watch for mouse Fox.

Seeing the Fox with the binoculars, we need to approach it to a distance of 250-450 metres. The wind was blowing from the Fox, so that the beast couldn’t you feel. Then choose a place for the blind: Yar, tree, shrubs, the pit. Engage the Fox a decoy, if she did not initially hear the squeak, you can try to make a sound louder. Lure the Fox should be only when he is in motion. If the animal turned to you and began to listen — stop the squeak. Wait Fox is not going to prowl in search of food. Continue to attract a Fox, alternating long and short sound, it will go in your direction. Cover the front of the semolina for a more believable sound. Long to lure the Fox is impossible, she immediately recognizes the deception as soon as the animal hears the squeak of artificial mouse or a wounded hare, then immediately rush to him and fall straight into an ambush.

If Fox starts walking in your direction, it is necessary to prepare the gun and stand still, not uttering even the slightest sound. To make necessary sight side, when Fox went to its maximum allowable distance. In such hunt a lot depends on luck and the correct time.

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