How to organise hunting drakes with a duck decoy

This kind of hunting has been used since ancient times. Decoy appearance differ slightly elongated body have a clear picture and beautiful voice, what determines the quality of the future trophy. There are many varieties of these ducks, but experienced breeders who have proven themselves, will not sell them cheap. Included as cost of cultivation, and a good draught of that in the future is on devicelost in the hunting season.

Mostly spring hunting drakes starts with their arrival and lasts 10-13 days. You are only allowed to shoot from ambush, using stuffed animals or decoy ducks. Forbidden to hunt during the flight of birds, as in the open space the hunter is unable to determine the drakes and can easily get into the duck.

In preparation for the hunt to explore the places where ducks live (lakes, rivers, reservoirs, ponds). If the hunt will take place in forest areas selected for construction of the blind of pine and fir branches, as if in a swamp, the reeds. You can also build a tent with small holes for observation and shooting birds. The build should do lasting, because in the spring strong winds and your shelter might not survive. Seeing the man duck immediately leave the place of residence and won’t come back.

Decoy ducks are carefully selected, individuals with high whistling voices not used. On the hunt to take ducks that I have already been to a Drake, they more they convene. Best hunts at the beginning of the arrival while the ducks until the end of the breeding season do not Deplete. To not touch my duck hunters are shooting the drakes on the approach or climb, not aiming the gun, when the male will stay close to the decoy.

Upon arrival at the hunt to the duck leg is tied a strong rope with a peg which is fixed in the soil. A bird can fly only in the action radius of a rope or in a circle. First, a duck swims, dives, preening its feathers and behaves naturally. After the preening, the female begins to call to himself the drakes and hunter remains only to take a comfortable position for shooting.

At home decoy ducks are kept in spacious cages with water containers for bathing. Feeding them on grain, pond-weed, which catch in the swamp with a net. Winter ducks stand in a warm place and fed until spring. The rope is attached to the bird, take of soft materials and tie it to the rotating ring of the peg. For transportation of the decoy ducks used a wicker basket with a lid.

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