How to obtain a permit to hunt moose

The resolution on an elk hunt – it’s the business paper of the special sample. The complexity and the requirements for obtaining this document vary from each region. But quite often, a lot of questions with this document, it is possible to solve the Rosselkhoznadzor, or its nearby branches which are in places adapted to hunting. Usually such places, it preserves and hunting parks, which, because of its importance for nature protected by the state.

To obtain the document for shooting moose, which will be held in a common area, you need to contact local authorities. But if the territory to be owned or rental of a legal person, then this document need to get it from him.

Usually, the hunter is only entitled to a single permit. Long-term license to shoot and prey animals may be issued only to legal entities.

The documents required for obtaining a license:

1)To receive this document, you must have a complete the documents, otherwise this process can be very lengthy.

2)Previously, you need to pay state fee and apply for license you need, only when there is receipt of payment.

3)also Need a special statement. More detailed information can be obtained by contacting the authorities that issue licenses. Also, this statement, unlike all the other documents you can send by e-mail.

4)In a strict order must also be the identity document, which must be qualified specialist. This can be, for example, a passport.

5)you Need to have a certified copy of evidence that you have the right to hunt.

The license clearly identify the boundaries of the territory, which can be shooting and expiration of this permit. For shooting certain animals need certain kinds of licenses, also you can shoot only animals that have reached a certain age. A license to shoot a moose, you may obtain residency in Russia, which has a permit to carry and possession of firearms, and a valid hunting license.

Also worth mentioning is that each licence is issued individually and transfer it to another person is prohibited. During hunting excursions, it is necessary to have it with you.

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