How to make your bets for pike

On catch rates is not very long, however there are piles slightly altered gear and little secrets. Talk about two main models that we use most often.

As a basis we use an ordinary tree, which, unlike plastic, can better withstand the negative temperatures.


The material is better to choose more compact, for example, cherry or willow (not chipboard). Of Board about the size of a sheet of A4 (297×210) with a thickness of 1.8 cm we cut a circle with a diameter of 10-12 cm with a small hole of square shape of size 2×2 cm and Then take the bar in the form of a parallelepiped with a height of about 20 cm Lower part that is inserted into the base oblivium sheet steel to increase its strength and durability. All wooden parts are impregnated with linseed oil and later varnished (3 layers). The pin fasten the coil (inertia). Winding the fishing line, usually with a diameter of 0.4 mm. Then strung on the pin spring small length (for example, when the length of the pin 21 cm length of the spring about 15 cm). It should not be too rigid to respond quickly to the bite. At the end of the spring is attached a small piece of sheet steel, as in ordinary rate. The piece with one hand held in the spring, and a little bent for attachment to the coil (do not be lazy needle files to grind the edges to avoid damage to lines).

Coil does the usual — it should contain about 10-20 m used fishing line and be sufficiently deep. The diameter of the spool needs to be bigger, sometimes it’s better to use the old spools from fishing line. Next, take a thick sheet steel, wrap it around the bar (parallelepiped) and fasten the two ends at the base of the coil. Sheet steel must be mounted on a 2-3 bar with screws (nails). The end of the letter tight, rounds the extent otherwise breaks the fishing line by friction on them. The whole system needs to be very durable and withstand sharp pike, and not just a jerk.

Left to take a piece of bright cloth, not necessarily red, and black — he also is perfectly visible on the background of white snow, if there is no thaw.

The second design is more in line with the traditional idea of a bet on a stand (Fig. 2).

It is made approximately the same, only the coil stand on a small bar up (length is up to approximately 5-8 cm). The spring box is mounted to the platform base.

Now, with regards gear. Everyone is free to choose everything in its sole discretion and taste. You can use dynamic to the pike swallowed the bait and not hit a hook or a standard tee 12-th number. However, you should try snastochki of 2-3 tees with sleeping fish. Variants such equipment there are at least a dozen. For example, like this: tee lip, which pierces the frontal portion, the second at the base of the dorsal fin (perch — closer to the caudal fin). Can be a bit different, using another tee and bringing it into the anus. In principle, winter snastochki works quite effectively, but not on all reservoirs.

Principled positions concerning the equipment of the fishing line, the sinker, the two — to use or not. If you have the goods, the bait fish will be at a given depth, if slightly increase the length of the leash, it is quite possible the presence of bait fish in different water layers (provided that it is quite spirited).

Now — about the lack of cargo. The most important «pros» is that baitfish can choose the water layer in which oxygen best mode, and be in it. The use of minnows, perch and ruffe do not require the goods, simply fish is their way of life, but if the handle is not lowered to a depth of — so, there’s your good reason. Pike is not always at the bottom, and very often is in half-waters or at the surface, in the ice. What is not a reason to completely refuse to load?!

I want to tell one incident that happened to me and my friends near the city Columns. Or rather a place to indicate I would not like, however, this is not Stolbtsy lake, pike is not there to look.

Early in the morning Andrew with his classmate calls me, and we’re going on two motorcycles to the coveted lake. A short way through the city, 5 min on the highway — and we find ourselves on the spot. And not the first. Already trodden hard path to the lake and on it. Take the bet, and Andrew and another rod with a lure, and go forward. After hours of work on drilling ice thickness of about 20 cm all my 5 bets are placed. Andrew 3 bet, and his friend Sasha — 8, factory design. The first bite was not long in coming — and now the competition starts: or pike will feel the hook, or Andrew before hook. Luck this time was on the side of the angler. After pleasant greetings with the first pike in the winter season, continue closely to watch the flags… Here it is! Burns darling! There! While I was running, slipped, and to strike the fish had already lying down, however, fishing reflex did not disappoint, and cutting were rough and very strong — just what you need. In a minute my first winter pike already trembling on the ice, it’s a little more Andreeva and pull clearly on the kilos. While I coped with the gear, Sasha also got his lawful pound. After 11 hours there was a long lull, and it was possible to drink hot tea, look at the beauties of the pike.

With varying degrees of success all day. A ground rod near the shore caught the particular humpback, what has added to the already rich collection. Bets, placed on the middle, worked well, regularly jerking us have what is called a nerve, forcing him to run headlong…

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