How to make batter for the nozzle

Many fishermen know that it is sometimes to catch fish, even the smallest, is not easy. And the fishermen are learning every time more and more new tricks, then to their fishing, each time more successfully.

Of course, all fishermen adhere to all the rules that you must follow to do not just to go fishing. But even if the fisherman still failed, it should already be glad that you have found time to be in nature and connect with her in their thoughts and actions.

And, of course, every fisherman knows that no bait of any fishing may not be considered. Every professional in this wonderful things to know about how and what bait is best to use.

So, today in any bait shop you can buy not only all necessary fishing equipment and bait. But there are types of bait that it is better to prepare yourself for the fisherman. Believe that successful fishing in this case will be even more enjoyable.

Thus, it is best to fish bait to prepare the dough. Its preparation does not require special skills. You must use flour, water and egg. But the egg should be divided into whites and yolks. For kneading the dough, of course, will only need the yolk. Because all of the protein to remove, otherwise if you’re in the dough, it will not be edible for fish and fishing then you will not succeed.

Knead the dough on the water with a small amount of flour, of course, but definitely no salt. Gradually add in knead the dough egg yolk and knead some more.

The dough is kneaded so that it is cool enough. So it will be interesting for the fish and for the fisherman to easily separate the pieces and on the hook to cling to.

There is one little secret to prepare the dough, which will make your bait to the fish was a real treat. It is known that for bait it is best to use cake, which is prepared from the seeds. And from these seeds still to prepare and vegetable oil. Therefore, if you knead the dough a little drop of vegetable oil, then your bait will be a real treat for fish and your catch will be large, and this means that fishing will be very good. Maybe this is a little secret for such an interesting business that will help you and have a good rest in nature, not to lose time and to be among such lovers of fishing a great fisherman.


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