How to make bait

The topic of the preparation of bait I started five years ago. It all started with the fact that I came across an article of a German angler, in which he talked about ways of making bait at home. The methods described by the author, so interested me that I immediately began to experiment. And after a few seasons, stuffed a lot of «bumps» in the form of damaged fishing, I want to share my experience with bait.

The topic of feeding fish is so multi-faceted that to describe any specific recipes does not make sense. And at the same time, this theme is so thin that no two fishermen, whose views about the bait would coincide completely.

So what is it — bait? And why many anglers on the waters after more than a dozen years, continue to poison the fish of yesterday’s porridge and soaked bread, not wanting to understand the mechanism of action of bait? The answer is simple. These people are simple consumers of someone else’s experience. After all, to be the first need to improve. The topic of feeding fish — enough field to use the imagination, because even having the most simple and cheap ingredients, it’s easy to get around «competitors» with expensive imported baits. In my practice, typed a lot of examples where expensive imported bait, one name that should collect fish from the whole water body, were powerless before used intelligently simple unicornum. And the last argument in favor of experimentation with foods: going to the pond, you need to clearly imagine what kind of fish should attract bait, fishing future conditions (current, depth) and what is the temperature of the water. And let the reader not be intimidated by this apparent complexity. After all, no one bait is unable to meet all the requirements fully. Remember: most baits modeled for specific conditions and the proposed introduction of additional elements in its composition.




The breadcrumbs, of course, are the main component of the mixture, obtained by grinding stale wheat (white) or rye (black) bread. For the nutritional properties of bread crumbs obtained from the brown bread, are in first place and can quickly saturate the fish if misused. In addition, they are more flavorful, but has less astringent in comparison with wheat crackers. Therefore, the wheat biscuits used in the preparation of baits for the flow, and rye crackers it is better to use the bait for still water. The ability to link items of bait is easy to determine on how the biscuits absorb water: the more water you absorb crackers, their adhesion above. To bait the proportion of breadcrumbs can reach 50%.


The product of processing of grain, has virtually no nutritive properties and attracts fish with smell. Mainly used as a filler in most baits. In addition, bran is ryhlyaschimi element and can be used to give the bait splendor. During the swelling increase somewhat in volume. The proportion of bran in the bait should be from 15% (current) to 30% (for quiet).


Trucks of corn. Is an component of bait for attracting big fish. As the density of corn flour more than water, it remains in the bottom layers. In addition, corn has a high nutritional value, prized big fish. It is preferable to use bait for attracting roach, bream, carp in the summer. The proportion of corn flour shall not exceed 10%.


The second essential component of bait for attracting big fish. In addition, oats possess excellent astringent properties. Oat flakes fine are eaten by all cyprinids, are therefore used in many baits.

Cereal, takes over from the ball of bait, capable to cause a real stir at the white bream, roach, bream and IDE. The share of oat bran in the bait ranges from 5% to 10%.


Strongly astringent element of bait, making it sticky and heavy. Mainly used in the bait to flow. The share of oats flour should not exceed 5%.


Semolina significantly disturbs the bait. Slowly settle in the water particles are strongly attracted to decoys bleak and other horse-fish. Sometimes, especially in winter, anglers for attracting bleak to increase the share of monkey in the groundbait up to 50%. But usually the proportion of semolina should not exceed 6-10% of the volume.


With skillful use of ground cookies is able to replace many of the above items of bait. However, remember that cookies — very heavy and strongly astringent element. In addition, often present in cookies, raisin, jam, jam, it is not always like fish, so cookies must be used carefully. And another thing: never buy an expired biscuit for bait. Fish has a more delicate sense of smell than people, and the taste of rancid vegetable oil can just ruin a fishing trip. I personally use usually cookies of two varieties — chips and oatmeal.

In addition to the above elements, the bait should always be present flavours, weights, flavors and animal component. But that’s a separate issue.


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