How to maintain and care for a husky

How to maintain and care for a husky

There is no more versatile and diligent assistant for a hunter than the dog. The most popular and widespread breed, all of which are used by our hunters, there is abuse. The West Siberian Laika is not capricious to the conditions of detention, their special attachment to its master, and has excellent hunting qualities.

The emergence of this breed was not recorded in any literary source, but the images of these dogs can be seen on the images of some of the buildings of Ancient Russia. Accordingly, it can be concluded that this breed appeared not less than 10 centuries ago. Dogs of this breed are in constant communication with the person that made them pliant and loyal. Probably this devotion is the key functionality of this breed. These beautiful dogs can often be found in the role of assistant in the hunt, in the home and even as a driving tool Northern toboggan sleds.

The huskies average size and physique are well developed. The Constitution of the dog refers to the average type. The President likes only she has a distinctive wedge shape, and if you look at it from above, we can see an isosceles triangle. Elongated, oblong face, slightly expanded in the area of canines. The skull is clearly visible occipital bone and the parietal strap. The back of the skull has a rounded shape. The upper and lower lips huskies always closed tight. No one can see them in a state of hanging. Likes only two characteristic feature of the breed. First, the ears of these hunters are always right. Their shape is similar to two triangles that are stretched in height. All likes, regardless of breed have almond shaped, slanting and deeply set eyes, which does not come in other colors besides brown. A second characteristic by which to determine the breed of the beast is the shape of the tail, rolled into a ring or sickle-shaped. In the latter case, it necessarily concerns the spine of the animal. Frost and cold are not afraid of hunters, this breed is due to the presence of coarse and very thick hair.

How to maintain and care for a husky

Any domestic animals, including the Siberian husky, need regular and proper care, and special care of his master. Meanwhile, some hunters and fishers, does not care about his assistant and partner. Optimal conditions likes her stay in a cage or warm box. However, in the absence of such conditions, it is possible to prevent the accommodation of an animal in terms of conventional apartments. Everyone who decided to have a pet Siberian breed, should be ready to provide the dog with certain conditions to surround it with the necessary attention and give her your time. Duties of the owner of the dog isn’t so complicated. Simply provide the dog adequate nutrition, frequent and vigorous walks, as well as to monitor the condition of the animal.

Good health any like, directly connected with the lifestyle, which is characterized by a constant activity. Therefore, animals living in urban environments, it is very important to provide long walks. Swearing like a hunting dog, needs plenty of work up and galatica. Walking the dog that is constantly seeking to expand the territory, is best done on a leash.

The performance of the dogs of this breed are directly dependent on food and therefore puppies huskies should be surrounded with the utmost care. The power of the future of the hunter is a major component of its future physical and physiological health. There aren’t too many recommendations, which should adhere to in nutrition. Feed the husky needed only twice a day. In the composition of the diet should be plant food, as well as vitamins and minerals, especially in the cold season. Sweets and meats are best excluded from the diet, both puppies and adult dogs, as they can cause blunting of the sense of smell and sense of smell.

How to maintain and care for a husky

Menu puppies and adult dogs may not be different set of products and dishes. The only caution in the food is careful attitude towards dairy products, which are not always fully tolerated by the huskies.

To teach and train a little puppy likes, it is best to start immediately after he gets to the place of their future permanent residence. Even little likes – it is a hunting dog. This should not forget when training and try to give the dog only the relevant knowledge, as it is unlikely to be able to easily accept non-standard command. The best time for learning is considered a walk in the fresh air and the best place is wild nature. All dogs of this breed are characterized by great intelligence and wit, therefore, with appropriate training, the owner of the dog has all the chances to get a faithful and devoted friend. And proper care, kindness and caring will be the key to a better relationship that can only be between the owner and the dog.

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