How to lure a duck to the hunt

Usually, wild ducks constantly get in packs and sometimes they can reach large sizes. Duck willing to sit with their own kind, that is why there is such a massive cluster. Drake is in search of those places where the females begin to call, or can be, however, ducks can be in different water bodies. When Drake heard the voice of a female, he immediately sent to the place where it is. Many professional hunters conduct bait Drake, and for that they make artificial zazyvanie male which kind is sent in place of the lure and becomes your prey.

Today, there are several ways in which you will be able to entice the Drake, and the more accurately you can imitate the voice of females with the help of special devices, and run into the water Scarecrow and apply it a different kind of bait. Bait and stuffed you can buy in a specialized shop for hunters, I would like to mention the point that accessories for this type of hunting, there are many. But first and foremost we recommend you to pay attention to the place where you plan to hunt a duck, and only after the analysis, choose a more appropriate device. Besides stuffed animals, you can withdraw the copies already prepared, however for this type you need to devote a considerable amount of time and patience.

When you go hunting, you definitely need to bring a decoy duck, experts recommend taking several ducks, in this case, your efficiency in the capture production will increase significantly. If you choose several different stuffed ducks and place them on a single pond, then it will attract the attention of males, and they will want to get hooked.

Previously, as we have said, you will need to choose a place where you’ll have your bait. Experts in the field duck hunting recommend you to choose large bodies of water where ducks come and go every year. Of course there is not a small role will be the time of year, in the autumn season to hunt harder than in summer, as the ducks prepare for the flights and maybe your bait for them would be quite uninteresting. If you decided to take lots of stuffed ducks, then you should arrange them by species, preferably in the mess, or rather, your bait needs to be free floating.

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