How to learn to shoot accurately on the hunt

In order to shoot, the hunter needs to be physically prepared and he must have good stamina. You can have the whole day to pursue the beast and use different techniques and methods, but time is not making an accurate shot, the hunter will spend time in vain and will remain without extraction. For the acquisition of skills in shooting, needs regular exercise.

Learn to start shooting in shooting galleries or specialized areas, equipped for this purpose. It is important to have an experienced shooter. It is also recommended to do exercises for the development of the hardness of the hands and strengthening. As load using dumbbells, kettlebells or resistance bands.

On the hunt you have to shoot moving and stationary objects. At stationary targets to shoot is a snap. The rifle during the shot is pressed against the shoulder, this will reduce the impact, and you will be able to continue to do a series of shots if necessary. The upper cut flies down to the goal, the aim lath should not be in sight. To reproduce the shot should quickly, but without jerking. After training shooting at stationary targets, to gradually move on to moving targets.

While on waterfowl hunting when aiming with both eyes should be open. Duck moves slowly in the water and it is difficult to accurately determine the distance, also the area of destruction of a bird sitting on the water is quite small. The ducks need to shoot at a distance of 30-40 meters, enough to make the bird you saw. Shot in the neck shot if the duck is showing signs of life, it is necessary to make one or more shots, otherwise the wounded animal may leave. Gradually, you will quickly find the necessary settings for shooting and to act intuitively.

Hunting not to delay the shot, as soon as the prey came close enough distance, you should immediately shoot. The barrel of the gun difficult to hold for a long time stationary, it starts to wobble and jump, which can lead to errors.

Often hunters shoot from the blind, Council for the development of huts and shelters you can find a lot of. If you want to learn how to snipe, to begin practice on the magpie. This bird does not admit of a person close to him, especially with a gun. Once in magpie, you can be sure that you have a correct shelter. For hunting use, not only Smoking, but also a natural shelter in the form of bushes, trees or reeds.

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