How to learn to shoot a gun for hunting

The essence of hunting is the production of the trophy, not pogranichnii her. You need to shoot as soon as the prey is at a distance sufficient for the shot. Once you have purchased the appropriate hunting rifle, should immediately begin to train to hit without a miss on stationary targets. Regular exercise will help you to quickly learn the art of shooting without missing, and you will always go home with the coveted prey.

To start learning to shoot with rifles standing in specially equipped places or dashes. To start work out to get the smallest distance, gradually increasing it up to 35-50 meters. Shoot all the time so, the more you do shots the more you will get at targets.

Especially long-range hunting rifles do not exist. They just don’t need the hunter, because depending on the situation and the prey you’re after, the distance between you and the target usually does not exceed 30-50 metres. Weapons from long range fight you can’t apply with an average distance, as the shot of him ripping a small game or beast.

Hunting is considered unacceptable to use a smooth and slow descent. The trigger must be pressed strongly and confidently, without the implementation of the jerks. The gun while aiming and firing must be securely pinned to the shoulder, this will reduce recoil when shooting.

Work out raises the gun during the execution of the sight bar should be closed and the front sight is visible. There are no universal ways of sight. Each hunter chooses the position in which it is convenient to sight, depending on combat shotguns and habits of the shooter. Novice hunters are advised to keep sight with a visible strap, as this allows you to see the prey. In this position, the ends of the stems do not fall into field of vision.

Once you learn to shoot at stationary targets, the next step will be learning to make accurate shots on moving objects. Choose an open area, make sure that there were no houses, people and Pets. Follow during the shooting, all the necessary security measures.

Shooting birds, never do random shots. Always select at least one object and shoot at him. This way you will be able to get at least one bird. Hunting wild waterfowl, do not try to aim for a long time, it leads to stop the gun and miss.

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