How to keep catch while fishing

Trapped fish fast asleep, with the exception of acne, zmeelova and some other species that have a dermal respiration. To continue with fish life and home to bring in the most fresh form is not difficult. For this fish carefully remove the hook and put into the garden of any design. The garden is placed in the water in a quiet, dark place to a depth of not less than one meter. It is impossible to place the garden near the shore with the surf, because in such conditions the fish dies pretty quickly.

Larger fish usually keep to the cook: carp and similar holding on a soft nylon cord, missed through the gills, predators such as pike pierced the lower jaw with a metal holder in this state, the pike is even able to hunt. If you want to drag Kukan predator boat, it’s better to pierce both jaws in order to avoid water ingress under pressure as it leads to death of fish.

Where there are cold streams, it is possible to arrange the dam and let go the fish, covering the top with branches or other improvised material that the fish jumped. As such, the fish will remain alive until the end of fishing, perhaps within a few days.

Sleeping fish store then the basket is not recommended in water it goes bad very quickly.

Therefore, if the fish floats belly up, it needs to get out of the cage and kill. It is advisable not to leave the fish right on the shore to fight and to fall asleep. In this case it is injured, and its taste is noticeably worse. You can simply stun the fish with a blow to the head and puncturing the back of the head. You can euthanize the fish a pinched nerve nodes. For example, for carp you can firmly press on the occipital region of the head, the eel to catch the tail. Large specimens sacrificed, cutting the Gill vein and her blood. This fish meat becomes denser and dishes more delicious.

Then the fish is wrapped in sedge, nettles, twigs of alder and filled with these plants fish mouth and gills. Dry in the sun before the formation of a protective film that prevents the penetration of microorganisms, the fish can be placed in a shaded place. More reliably keep the fish, if its pre-gut it, cut the gills, a little prisolit inside and wrapped in plants. Craftsmen gutting the fish, without changing its appearance. For this you need to cut the gills from the upper and lower bases of the Gill and cut the tape. Then cut the rectum from the anus to the gills and pull out the viscera. For the best conservation in the cavity can be put alder twigs or other plants. Will help to take home the catch as fresh cloves of garlic or a paste of horseradish.

Fresh fish is of high quality if it has red, without extra smell gills bright eyes convex cornea with a transparent, smooth, without mucus, scales, dense and well connected with the bones of meat that is springy when pressed. From eating fish that does not meet these requirements should be abandoned in order to avoid poisoning.

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