How to implement the zeroing of hunting weapons

What you need to know hunter, to implement the zeroing of rifles? The first is that shooting from a rifle is only ammunition factory equipment. Depending on the type of cartridge adjustment is carried out with distances of 50 and 100 meters. The main part of the rifle is being targeted with 100 meters. Only in the case of the cartridge 5.6 mm distance adjustment is 50 meters. Another indicator in the shot gun of 5.6 mm caliber that the cross-section dispersion of bullets when firing.

The first thing to perform when zeroing a rifle is to determine the average hit point (STP). It is obvious that during shooting bullets into the target with a certain density. Extremely rare two balls, two shots in a row fall in the same place. The average point of impact can be defined in several ways. In the first embodiment, it is necessary to make at least three shots. The distance between the two hits is halved, this mark is connected with the third point being hit on the target. Thereafter, the resulting cut is divided into three equal pieces, STP is considered to be one of the three points earned, which is located closest to the point of intersection of the two obtained segments. If there were four shots, then STP is calculated first three shots as described above, the received STP segment connected with the fourth hole, this piece already divided into four parts. If shots had more of STP is determined by the subsequent analogy. With a large number of shots of STP is defined as the center of the square dispersion, similar to a shot shot from the gun.

Defining STP, proceed to the variance calculation the average point of impact from the aiming point. If two points coincide require adjustment of the sight. The adjustment is as follows, move the crosshairs of the sight in the direction in which STP is shifted relative to the aiming point. Accordingly, the scope moves in the direction opposite to the fly.

To determine the value of adjusting the sight you must know the following quantities: the distance of adjustment, the length of the sighting line, two distances on which STP is offset from the aiming point. The calculated ratio is within shooting distance/length of the sighting line. The values of the deviations of the average point of impact from the aiming point is divided by the obtained value. Do not forget that all values in the calculations should be in the same units of measurement. The obtained values in mm ongoing adjustments of the sight of the weapon.

Unfortunately, the distance of the shooting target hunting may be different, and the conditions for normal shooting weapons there. Therefore, pre-calibrated to determine the correction value of a sight better on different distance from 50 to 300 meters. The resulting amendment is necessary to remember or write down, and then use while hunting.

A more complex procedure is zeroing a rifle weapon with optical sight. For zeroing the rifle should be firmly fixed in a special device, then to the target sequence induce the open sight and optical (intersection). STP is not calculated, and is single shot. Further, the crosshairs just comes down to the point of contact, if necessary.

A hunter who uses a rifle should remember that in addition to shooting while hunting, you must consider factors such as strong side wind, the ambient temperature (low temperature shifts the point of impact down) and to make the necessary amendments.

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