How to hunt woodcock with a pointer

Probably not the hunter who does not know this bird as the woodcock. This type of birds belongs to the family bekeshovich, and the majority lives in the marshy regions and in the forests. The plumage of the woodcock is ashy, rusty-brown and brown color. The top of the head, posterior part with distinct large blackish-brown stripes arranged in the transverse direction. As an instance of industrial fisheries, woodcocks not of great value, but hunting brought them one of the first places in the ranking. Any hunter-lover recognizes that the woodcock is one of the most desired trophy, and get it is possible to consider for happiness.

In the hunting world there are many different methods of hunting game, and a large spread of hunting springtime on the pull. Novice hunters first you need to carefully analyze what is craving and how it goes. By and large rod – spring this years birds large masses at dawn and during sunset. During the summer woodcocks make sounds peculiar nature, the lapse of time or rather the thrust is slightly more than an hour, and pull in the morning, a bit shorter and ends as soon as the sun comes up. In places where there is a large number of birds, they fly one after another almost without stopping, then the mass in the summer is winding down, yet never stop. At night very rarely one or two birds will give the sounds, but that is no reason to assume that attraction has continued.

Hunting woodcock at under setter dog breed is at the same time hunting for grouse brood. But in the places of mass nesting of woodcock, where there are good broods, it is possible to be able to successfully hunt in the month of August with a dog setter breed. The brood of this bird, from birth to full adulthood is cozy with good protection. Such places include the forest, overgrown with small pine , spruce or shrub is not too thick and tall grass.

Young woodcock, only looking up from the ground, doesn’t have the same agility as broods of black grouse, grouse or partridges. The young woodcock is easy to get lost in the grass. As soon as the youngsters gathered enough power, he of the coziest places are moving to more open spaces. Currently, the search of the woodcock should be carried out in locations such as: edges of forests, thickets of small woods in the low areas of rivers, ravines and the like.

How to hunt woodcock with a pointer

Hunting with pointer occurs in the following method: early in the morning, the habitat of this bird, you need to come with a setter and let it go on the prowl. Eat foods poultry, give the dog know your location, and it separates them from the earth. The majority of woodcocks, hearing setter, primaevus, give her the opportunity to come close and quickly fly a short distance hunts man.

To make a kill shot in this game quite easy, as it immediately seeks the protection among the bushes and trees. For this reason, the hunter skill is required good reaction, because the shot have to do without thinking and very quickly. For hunting woodcock in summer, the best option would be the use of the cartridges equipped with small shot, not larger than seven. Clothes for summer hunting should choose light type, to avoid overheating during long crossings. Very well for this purpose, suitable clothing made of cotton fabrics, not heavy hat with brim (sun protection) and soft shoes, which is very convenient to move around.

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