How to hunt woodcock in spring and autumn

Woodcock can be called a very common forest bird living in the vast territory of our country. The bird dwells in the middle lane and can be found in the vast territory of Eurasia, as the only representative of the forest game. Woodcock is already very familiar to hunters and among the many is considered a very desirable prey.

The day the bird prefers to hide from its possible enemies in bushes, thickets of ferns, and more. Animated bird just at dusk, a woodcock flies on open space, running across from place to place in search of food.

Hunting in spring for thrust

Hunting in spring is the most accessible to hunters. Woodcock prefer to settle in mixed forests, with lots of ravines, glades, forest roads. In a continuous forest to meet this bird extremely difficult.

The process of hunting starts early in the morning or late in the evening. Morning hunting less long, it begins in darkness and ends before dawn. Evening craving richer, and to hunt the woodcock is much easier than in the dark.

Come to the place of hunting in advance, selecting the site of the probable flight of birds. You must pick a position for the circular firing to be ready to fly birds on either side. Counted and the height of the trees, the woodcock is reduced in the area of small shrubs and trees in this area will be a maximum chance to hit.

As soon as you hear the first sounds of thrust, it is necessary to prepare for the rapid emergence of birds. Constantly listen to the sounds, and the woodcock will appear from behind the treetops, it is necessary to raise the gun and fired into the prey. Usually during this period, the flight of a bird rather slow, so the hunter had a few seconds to aim.

Hunting for autumn pouring

Mainly in the fall to hunt with the dog, because to raise the wing snipe, well hidden in the bushes or tall grass, it is very difficult without the support of one of the Blackfeet.

The bird is very clever can change the position of the flight, so it is recommended not to aim and shoot immediately, without prior aiming. If a woodcock flying across the open countryside and does not change direction, it is possible to aim well and shoot ahead of the flight.

There are other options in hunting this bird, the two species can be considered as the basic and most accessible to hunters.

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