How to hunt with hounds the hare

Hunting hares with hounds sang the classics of Russian hunting literature. Is a thrilling action, the ability to immerse fans of hunting in euphoria. And does not necessarily have to be hunting the whole pack of dogs, enough for one or two.

Of course, in our time, what little is left of the hunting, which was two hundred years ago. It is hardly possible to find anywhere a hunter on horseback with a pack of hounds and pack hounds. Horses with a current hunters long ago peeled off, and many were in the distant past. Modern hunting with hounds is only used rifle and skill. Although, if you are very lucky, you can get a membership for a more interesting hunt — hunting horn, for example.

The most important thing in hunting — responsiveness and sharpness hound. If she loses the trail, or even throws it, it’s not hunting, it is torture. Will not an exciting vacation, and a bunch of damaged nerves. Therefore, the reaction of hounds is always a priority, and the rate of rut already falling by the wayside. Too fast dogs chase the hare is so fast that the hunter has no time for the hole shot. But genetici argued and still argue which dog is better — Paraty (fast) or slow. After all, the hare is very clever. If he drives a slow dog, though he manages to stop and assess the situation, may still confuse the trail as he should.

Hunting is an interesting and fascinating process. Its main meaning is to awaken the beast, to force to run and give trail hounds. Not always to Wake up the hare is easy. In this case, the hunters deliberately loudly moving through the woods, talking and laughing, shouting and stimulate dogs in the search. When the hare is raised and the dogs get the scent, the noise subsides hunters. They quietly listen for that place where dogs chase hares, to understand how they run out. This is necessary in order to select the most accurate location for the hole. This choice decides whether the hunter at least to see the hare.

Hare, running away from the pursuing hounds, typically moves along a certain trajectory. He runs in circles, occasionally making direct, but then returns to the circle. This fact is very important to consider while hunting. The hare may be close to the hunter, and if he decides to change the place, he might spook it. The hounds will pursue the victim at a distance of up to ten minutes, so the rut can be heard far away, and the hare will be very close. Thus, it is possible to lose your prey and prevent Beagle dogs.

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