How to hunt with a decoy for elk,a detailed description of how and what to do

Wedding time is the moose, in other words, the rut occurs in the fall between September and early October. During this period, the elk stags three times a day: at night, at dawn and in the evening make a special mating call sounds, which are intended for females, and for their opponents.

Elk, actively looking for a female, is a rather eerie sight as it roars and behavior in General is similar to the roar of a bear or the noise of the tractor. The moose roars, although more correct would be to say that he roars or groans, and with that crackle of brushwood and dry branches to simulate a collision with his competitor.

Interesting fact: the crunch of twigs and moans during calm weather can be heard up to half a kilometre from the sound source. But during windy weather or heavy rain it will be very difficult to hear the groans of the elks.

In Central and Western Russia, the animals are quite common with the man here hunting elk with the approach or with krad. In this regard, animals are not concerned during a meeting with people and can be quite close to get in close during the rut.

In places where the animals rarely see the person, common is hunting with a decoy. Decoy — a special device, through which you can lure the animal making sounds very similar to the sounds of an elk.

Hunting elk with a decoy

Most moose making noises only during the rut. In other periods, the elk barely make any sounds. In case of severe fright they are able to briefly sniff.

The roar of strong individuals similar to short sounds like «u» or «u-a». If individuals are weaker and smaller, they produce the sound «u-e». Sounds are vibration and rattling, the elk at the age of deaf. Female moose during the rut is pronounced light and weak cries. During the time when the moose covers the female, he emits a sharp sound that is very similar to whinny.

To start hunting elk with a decoy you need to calculate the specific location of the hunt. For these purposes, engaged in listening to the elk screaming, note the presence of broken branches, the presence of potholes, fresh moose droppings and damaged shrubs.

While elk hunting with a decoy cry of the male need to exercise voice, and the sounds need to be removed from the deep parts of the larynx. For sound reinforcement can make or birch bark, or other material, the mouthpiece, the length of which in the area of 40 see the moose Sounds you need to imitate with different levels of power, but not very loud. For a successful hunt you need to wait until a quiet, clear weather.

The best time for hunting with a decoy is the morning, because at this time the moose roars longer (within two hours), then to shoot and much easier to search for the wounded animal if necessary.

When the hunter hears sounds near the elk, he beckons, doing an imitation of the opponent’s roar or cry for help. And it is worth to cry often, because elk can not get out, realizing that published the screams come from his opponent.

In case the moose decided not to leave, he should be motivated to enter into the contest with a competitor to mimic a moose heated passion: organize strikes on trees and bushes with a big stick, make a crunching of twigs.

If the sounds elk will not work, it is possible to utter a sound-a noise that produce males at the moment after covering the females. It is recommended to carry out a hunt together, when one is in charge of luring the animal, and the other shoots. When the elk got closer, you need to make an assessment of the trophy and only if it is you will need to shoot. If you are not a captured specimen or a female, it is best to let him go and find another object.

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