How to hunt winter quail

How to hunt winter quail

Partridge is a small bird, the representative of the pheasant family. Belongs to the order galliformes and has a weight of over 900 grams. The habits of birds is very similar to chicken and is therefore often called field chicken. Partridge is a feathered ground type, preferred places of residence, of which there are bushes and thickets of grass. Field chicken, very cleverly and quickly running, hiding from the chase, and therefore hunting it is very is often a very exciting experience. This bird knows how to fly, but his skill is used infrequently. Grouse uses his wings to their destination if great danger or need for moving to a new place. Hunter can determine the movement of partridges, the characteristic sound they make, lifting into the air.

To identify the partridge in winter the snow is very simple characteristic to the track that a bird leaves behind. In the spring or summer months, these birds behave much more cautiously than with the onset of cold weather. With the onset in the region of residence of cold weather and frost, wild chickens need feed, which is difficult to extract from under the ice and snow, and it is therefore often try to be far from human settlements.

How to hunt winter quail

In the winter months of the year, look for field chicken can be in places where growing aspen or willow, or where the snow is visible branches of the shrub. There are those of winter when the snow fills up tightly all around and birds are very difficult to find food. In such cases, they move closer to human habitations. Partridges are often found in barns, close to currents where threshed the wheat or on the trails located in close proximity to human habitation. Winter is very easy to detect the place of settlement of these birds. Most often they spend the night near the village in which search for food in shallow ravines on the banks of rivers or in the nearby bushes. The birds are doing in the snow small holes and sleep in them, shallow burrowing in the snow. And even if the bird has a white plumage color – it can be calculated quite simply. Moreover, to identify the location may be a few rough marks that the bird leaves on the snow. The sites that partridge was chosen for his bed, the hunter can be reached with skis.

In the summer months, favorite places field chickens are dusty roads and hills where they can no less easily detected by dug in the ground and deepening the pits. In winter the birds use this method and dug in for the night in the snow. At this time, the hunter gets the opportunity to find and shoot them one by one. Hunting like that you can beat like birds flying in the air and partridges, which are on the ground. Noticing the approaching man, partridge doesn’t go away, and makes an attempt to lay low. So often it is possible to get close enough. After the hunter makes the first shot, the birds soar into the air, but very quickly land some distance away and unable to fend for themselves hunter. Partridge, who stay in the pack, unable to keep the hunter, but after the first shot, immediately scatter in all directions. In this case you can manage to shoot just one bird.

A lot of hunters, adhere to their own principles of hunting and shooting partridges in February. This is the time when birds fight the hardest. In the second half of winter, everything is frosted and covered with ice, respectively, to get food is becoming increasingly difficult. As mentioned above, the birds gather in flocks and trying as close as possible to cling to the villages, hoping to find some food. Some hunters, this time of year, it is better not to shoot and to feed the birds. However, partridge is not as secure as the sparrows or Tits and visit the village with extreme caution. It is best to arrange a feeding in those places where already was spotted birds. Field chicken won’t take food anywhere and seeing food in a new place birds just afraid to take it. That is why, if the hunter knows the place where the partridges fed, feeding only logical way to organize it there.

If you want you can create a bird feeder to attract birds. It is enough to select non-residential and quiet place has to be cleared of weeds and create a plot of approximately 2 to 3 meters. This must be done in order for the quail, which prefer to move on the ground was able to get to it. Be sure to clear away and remove snow and ice. This is a mandatory part of the creation of the trough, as the seeds, poured on snow and ice, it will instantly freeze. For the purpose of greater fodder conservation, you can build a shed and not to forget that to the main feeder should keep the track length from 100 to 300 meters, what bird comes to the feeder.

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