How to hunt wild doves

Wild pigeons such as Vitti, stock pigeons, doves, is a very necessary and valuable production in most countries of Europe and also in Canada and America. Unfortunately, in our country, they are considered second-class game, and become a trophy purely by chance or a couple with other birds. The exception is the South of the country where the hunting of doves is very popular.

The dove is very cautious and sensitive bird. Therefore, the ability to approach sitting on a tree or feeding on the meadow betutu or clintona, for the shot would be extremely problematic. Also complex include the determination of the place of flight or feeding pigeons.

The first step is to track down the tree where Vitti arrange your overnight stay and day stay. It might be 3-4 groups of birch or spruce trees, located on the edge of the field, they often the highest. The top of the tree is the observation point for the pigeon caretaker, other birds sit on low branches. Such points can be collected to one hundred birds. Pigeons in the morning at around 8 am fly to feed on the field. Before lowering into the stubble pigeons visiting area high birches. But to shoot them in such a position will be received. Also during the ambush goes extremely small angle.

If you want to try hunting doves goose manner you will succeed. First of all, you should make a Scarecrow. To do this, can you come cut pigeon profiles, or if the previous step was successful, you can use the already produced stuffed birds. In this case it is not necessary to change your attention to different pigeons-rock doves perched. It is possible to wait for the production nobler, for example, wittney. They are much smarter than their relatives and can not be so stupid to fall for your trick.

Effective trick during the pigeon hunt will be placing on top of any birch, which stands in the side or on the edge of the forest, stuffed the pigeon. You can use a long pole, which you need to fix the Scarecrow. Hunter or an assistant should fasten a pole as high as possible. In this case, the success of this hunt is guaranteed. Using such tricks will not be able to shoot large flocks, but all singles, and small groups will be your trophy.

This recommendation applies only to wood pigeons and Clinton. The hunting of turtle doves and rock doves perched much easier. These birds are not so careful, they admit to themselves in shot shot «seven». The islanders also do not need a strong disguise.

Before maturing crops are large pigeons feed mostly on acorns in the fall they prefer oat mixes or sunflowers. As a result of what they have oblubeny fields and meadows.

The pigeon is a big bird, so hunting it is a very «sporty».

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