How to hunt wild doves,promising types and variants of hunting

How to hunt wild doves,promising types and variants of hunting

Complaining about an annual reduction in the number of game birds that hunters often forget and do not take into account wild pigeons, whose number is growing every year. However, the production of these birds remains at a not too advanced level, due to the late opening of the season or some bias to this delicacy among the people of our country. And in some areas and regions of the country, wood pigeon, turtle dove and rock dove, because of their huge number becomes even cause harm to plants farms.

Hunting wild pigeons, now belongs to the category sports. It’s not pigeons ducks and wild geese, and in order to get such bounty hunter has to have excellent reflexes and speed. This activity can be classified as active, fun and interesting. Because of the size and speed to the blue is quite difficult to get to a sufficient distance, and it’s even harder to get into it. Wild pigeon is not the bird we used to see in the cities. They live in mixed and coniferous forests and settle in the parks, forest parks and gardens.

Most in our country the common four kinds of doves – rock pigeon, turtle dove, common wood pigeon, stock dove. The most promising option for Amateur hunting is the pigeon. It is the largest representative of this group of birds and it is easier to get at quite a distance due to bright spots on neck and wings. The dimensions of the rock dove and wood pigeon is largely inferior to him. Differs from stock dove rock dove in solid color and waist, which is dominated by gray color. Turtledove has the smallest size and has more contrasting colors. All four species of birds can be found in deciduous, mixed and coniferous forests. Only dove, accustomed to human presence, in some cases, to settle in the vicinity of settlements.

These birds are among the most cautious and cunning of birds and so hunters can use are not so many mining methods. In the late summer or early fall, birds fly to the fields and grounds in search of food, which are the seeds of crops for agricultural purposes and wild plants. The most intense periods of the output of birds for feeding are considered to be earlier early morning and evening. Doves are sent to the utility bills in small flocks, while feeding in field, wood pigeon, stock-dove and rock pigeons can be seen a flock of up to a hundred pieces. The task of the hunter, whose goal is the production of a dove, is the fact that these birds move regularly for feeding, watering or rest at the same time and on the same route. This feature is based and this type of hunting, hunting for pigeon flights, the most successful time for which is the time of the autumn flights of birds. It was at this period a flock may be delayed especially in food-rich areas for periods from several days to several weeks.

How to hunt wild doves,promising types and variants of hunting

Going on a pigeon hunt, it is best to go back to the dawn and carefully examine the already harvested grain fields or plots of winter wheat fields that have managed to sprout. Such places are a special attraction for these birds and their detection is very easy to see which routes follow to the place of feeding their flocks. With massive flights of doves, within a few days on the fields in packs. The hunter must disguise himself in a pile of hay or bushes in the way of passage birds, in this place, will be sufficient to successfully carry out all-round visibility. Clothing sits in wait the hunter and the shelter does not have to stand out against the surrounding nature, because wild pigeons are typical extreme caution as well as excellent eyesight. So seeing the target, it is best to stand still and take the shot only when the dove approach within shot.

Many hunters say that good results can be achieved by hunting with a pre-prepared camouflage tent, which had previously been built near the place of taking food or drink. Particularly well you can hunt using the stuffed pigeons profiles. To such bait, birds, due to the inherent nature of schooling, respond very well. No less effective is considered the dove hunting a STO-len. This is because to get the shot distance, to birds feeding on the field is almost impossible. But quietly closer to the pack, which resting on the branches of a tree and actually quite easily.

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