How to hunt wild boar with dogs

Joint boar hunting with dogs promotes the interest and quantity of production. Specially bred for this case specimens of the breed were evil and possessed high strength. They set out after the discovery of wild boars cops dogs and delayed production until the arrival of the hunter. Among the «hog dogs» to highlight the swearing, Fox Terrier, Dachshund and a watchdog.

The size of the dog affects the safety and mobility of hunting. Dachshunds or Terriers should be big and husky – medium size. However, in all cases they should be able to hold wild boar. Large dog caught mainly small animals.

The hunt should start on the ground signs of wild boar presence. When hunting in the amount of 1-3 people dogs have to be put close to the expected beds. Hunters should move in all directions for them on forest roads, clearings.

When collective hunting with dogs requires orderliness. Determined portion, after which the owners of the dogs, animals and 3-4 remain in place. Left the hunters are on the rooms other side of the site. After that, the crowd of dogs to comb the area and progressing to stationary hunters. In identifying boars need to go to this place, while trying to remain unnoticed, so as not to startle the beast. To go first to the wild boar should dog owners that they do not release the beast, but rather a more aggressive and bolder, he was attacked.

After driving for boar, hunters need to wait for it more often dense thickets or ravines. As a rule, it first tries to fend off dog attacks and goes after detecting human presence. Therefore, the approach to boar you need silently or wait until the animal «move». When collective hunting newcomers without delay thrown at a dog barking, and then a startled boar runs fast.

Hunter, who made the interception boar will first see dogs that appear from the thicket. Then comes the beast, to shoot you want in the Bush because he’s out in the open begins to rapidly escape.

Shoot the boar, you need the area of the brain, spine, lungs, heart and liver. In case of contact with the blade movement of the animal contact and affects his major organs. The gun needs to be charged with different charges, because depending on the mobility of wild boar to shoot bullets or buckshot.

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