How to hunt wild boar, the gradual organization of the hunting blind at the damage.

The damage referred to damage to agricultural land, forest animals and birds.

How did the kind of hunting blind at the damage»?

Wild boars have always caused great harm to many types of crops. Of course, people are not satisfied, and they came up with the «ambush at the damage».

Such hunting is practiced in a variety of conditions. Hunters find a favorite spot boars. In General, boars appear where’s ripening crops. Often in such places you can find fresh «rimmy» – places where the wild boar looking for roots, rhizomes, and damage crops.

For a successful hunt, the ambush set against path along which come the boars. Take into account the wind direction. The wind needs to blow from the fields and eating wild boars. And of course don’t forget a good cover!

This hunt is very exciting and simple. She gives the hunter to observe and pick up the trophy. Before the hunt doing the rounds feeding places of wild boars looking for a good site for the blind. Hunting begins at dusk or night, since the day boar comes out. So for the best overview, hide on the tree. Pick the right angle of attack, the shooting must go in the direction of the field. Because the background of the forest animals in the dark will turn into blurred shadows.

To boar you have not heard, at the scene of the ambush it is necessary to come in advance, preferably before sunset. So the smell of a man time to breathe. The hunter should be to chew herbs. It is strictly forbidden to smoke!

Approaching a flock of noisy, wild boar crack by fallen trees and squeal. The beginning hunting you don’t miss out! Hunting requires patience and perseverance. Sit quietly and still, make no sounds. When the boar did not bother, he chomps loudly and wagging its tail. If the boar noticed that his tail freezes, or takes the form of a «sign».

If the boar stops eating, raises his muzzle and starts to sniff, then he is concerned and ready to leave the feeding places.

The first go young pigs. They usually stop and sniff, then go out. They are followed by females with piglets, and in the end is the main male. Then it’s time to calm down, hold your breath and make a neat shot.

If the ambush is planned on the trail, go to this place a little party, then the smell will quickly wear off. Build on ambush platform, it will help you track down the beast and protect you from possible attack.

There is no point to arrange an ambush in the places of maturation boar. The boar always chooses a new one. An ambush often held in places where under a snow drift left a lot of nuts and acorns. Wild boars are very willing to go to such places.

In the Caucasus, the hunters dug a pit in the melon fields and gardens. Wild boars are very willing to go to such places, often not reaching the arrow only 10-15 steps. Talk a little about the weapon for shooting wild boar. The animal is very tenacious, even wounded boar can escape to a large distance. In recent years in favor shotguns 20-12 gauge. In the dark the sight is rubbed with chalk. Often before shot of the boar blinding light.

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