How to hunt the tokovisch on horned deer

Elk are members of the deer families, but unlike other representatives, they are significantly more. Their body length can reach three meters, height two meters, older males weigh up to 650 kg and females, obviously a bit less: up to 400 kilograms. The largest representatives of the «Kingdom of health» live in Siberia in the northeast.

Despite the fact that outside moose clumsy and have a lot of weight, they are nimble and very quick, despite that hunting them is very difficult. A scared animal can reach speeds up to 40 km/h and jump a ditch up to 4 metres and a two metre hurdles, fencing, for example. Moose are excellent swimmers and can even dive. They can easily overcome river, the width of which is up to three kilometers, which was not able to do people, can dive to a depth of as much as 5 metres and stay there for about one minute. Elk can easily pass through muddy places.

The horns of the elks always have only men. The huge horns were recorded in animals that live in the North-Eastern part of Russia and Alaska. Hunting for elks, usually in Europe begins in early December when there is a steady snow cover and lasts until mid-January.

Hunting tokovisch

The method of hunting very good when a hunter skillfully can wabit — to imitate the moan of the elk. During the rut, sometimes making sounds like moaning, moose in anger can break horns and small trees with a strong crack are dry brushwood. But this does not mean that the elk during the rut just go. Moose ear is developed just fine, so he’ll hear you.

How to hunt the tokovisch on horned deer

The hunter does not have to go creeping and cautious gait. You need to go imitating the animal, firmly placing a foot on the ground. It does not matter if under your feet crunch dry limb; sometimes a sound can attract, enraged by the presence of the stomping ground you as his rival, and he suddenly cannot take the place of crunch.

When the deer, guided by heard sounds, went to your voice and suddenly, somewhere in the Bush outside stopped, you need to lay low for a few minutes and then some to break the dry limb or, if you can emulate his voice, I carefully bent down to the ground, try to give a vote. Here every moment you must be ready to make the shot.

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