How to hunt the otter,area of residence and the most interesting types of hunting

How to hunt the otter,area of residence and the most interesting types of hunting

The otter is a fairly valuable fur-bearing animals, which is quite small and in our country. This predator of the weasel family living in the vicinity of reservoirs, lakes and rivers. You will often see the otter a quiet forest streams with slow current. For your stay, otter selects only those water bodies that are not covered by a solid crust of ice with the onset of winter. The animal prefers to settle only in places where there are openings which provide the otter standing out on the surface. The animal has a very thick, warm fur of excellent quality that does not allow this small and nimble animal to freeze even in a cold winter day when the air temperature is not more than 4-5C. This river predator never gets wet due to the unique structure of their hair. Because of these characteristics the fur of this animal is so prized in the fur market.

Like any other predator, the otter prefers to go hunting in the winter and eats mainly crustaceans, muskrats and many other inhabitants of the water world. The main delicacy of this animal is fish. And agility, briskness and agility, which are characteristic of this animal gives the opportunity for night fishing to produce about 3-5 kg of fish. However, the representative of the weasel family hunt not only in the water. Very often, otter, out on the land hunting, where her trophies are voles or small birds, which hatch in the nests of birds. It should be noted that for the spring and summer season due to the fault of the beast can be destroyed quite a lot of different broods of birds.

The otter is an excellent swimmer and diver, who can hold out under water for about a minute and a half and floats during this time, a distance of about one hundred meters. The greater part of his life that the animal spends in the shelter, which is Nora. Entrance to the refuge can be found under the water at about two feet. Typically, this entrance is a fairly long tunnel, at the end of which is a spacious and dry bench. A characteristic feature of the beast is the fact that otter never lives in one burrow. At the disposal of this animal is always located several habitable stove. The otter is very careful and cautious. Hunting the beast only comes out at night and therefore to get this beast only in the most remote areas. The main methods of production of the otter is considered hunting with a rifle and hunting using various types of traps. However, choosing a particular kind of prey, the hunter must remember that the result of the hunt will always highly individual and depends on many weather and other factors.

How to hunt the otter,area of residence and the most interesting types of hunting

The most interesting and exciting kind of production of this animal is considered wild by tracking or podkarmlivayut with a gun at the ready. Quite often, animals have to make quite long passages on land from pond to pond. This occurs most often in the cold season, when it’s already snowed. The paws of an animal, which is kept under water, are small in size. This significantly complicates and slows the movement of otters on land. This is especially true of passages on snow or snow, which the animal constantly falls. Hunter gets a great chance to successfully petropit otter after revealing a trace of the animal in the form of furrows in the snow.

Even in the absence of snow and traces possible to find the otter at the point of transition between the reservoirs. But it is necessary to know precisely the location of the burrows or areas of transitions. The location of the burrow of an otter can easily identify the nearby toilets, which are very easy to learn, as in the feces of the animal is always a lot of scales. But the very otter to see is not so simple. The beast doesn’t like to seem like a man. The most successful might be an ambush, located near where the otter out on the ice. You should definitely remember that a headshot on an animal only if it is on land, outside of the reservoir. Otter immediately goes under the water if you are wounded, and a failed shot, it just can not be found.

In winter, the otter is not often comes to the surface of the pond. The main part of the cold period of time the animal walks, swimming under the ice, and uses dry-holes of small size. Sticking my head on the surface, the animal looks around and goes back under the water. And the place of exit of the animal from the water there is a small hole. A place you can easily see the remains of frogs and fish. Usually near a hole, you see a small hole, which is a trap with bait. Bait should be placed in the trap with his head down in the direction of the current. This move creates the illusion of motion due to the constant swaying of the fish under water. It should be noted that quickly to get an otter in such a way is not always possible, as the animal likes to roam from one place to another.

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