How to hunt the lake for ducks approach

This type of hunting is an old Russian joke. The best time is beginning of September. At this time the North is the duck time to come, and the local is already beginning to prepare for the flight, getting off in flocks. Usually day duck spends time on open water that is undetected to approach them is almost impossible, as the larger the pack, the easier it is to spook them. During the dawn birds begin their move on the pond, moving to the places where they normally feed. It is in places overgrown with reeds, and begins to hunt for ducks.

In most cases, the duck hunting takes place or at night or dawn, but she can go all day, due to the fact that not all ducks swim in big water and what part of them remains in the grass near the shore. Duck hunting is a time-dawn twilight until around eleven in the morning, or the beginning of evening twilight until fully dark. Duck, which you can get during this hunt is quite various – Northern Pintail, gadwall, Mallard, Teal and shovelers and a variety of sea ducks.

Hunting for the dawn

After the autumn moult ends, that is, at a time when the drakes are already in breeding plumage, but only the young become on the wing, the ducks begin daily flights from the feeding areas to days and Vice versa. The day the ducks are in remote ponds covered with reeds. By dawn they fly to the places where they live – such places can be the fields and other water bodies. And at dawn they return back. During these flights of ducks flying the same routes, and it gives the opportunity to provide a place in which they appear, and therefore be very convenient for shooting place.

Wait ducks can be near the water, where they remain day and on the ground, where they feed, and in those places where they fly between rest and feeding. To spend before hunting training, highlighting the route that flying bird and beautiful places where you can expect them. If you have the opportunity to make a blind which will have an open top – this way you will be able to fire in any direction. In the reeds or the reeds to make the blinds is not necessary.

Once built the blinds, the hunter quietly – in that case, if hunting is in the morning or before the sun sets in the evening should get in it. If the blinds have not been built, the hunter may get in the reeds.

For volumetric reservoirs to wait for the ducks not only during the vision, but during the daylight hours.

Shooting with approach

This interesting and exciting type of hunting requires special attention, as it puts in front of hunter is quite heavy requirements. First, all hunting is done out of the water, so hunter must have a good swim, perfect to use as corovica, and swing of the oars, and, no doubt, be hardy and strong. Such hunting is difficult, however, produces in persons with useful qualities such as ingenuity, resourcefulness and courage.

This type of hunting varies greatly depending on location and time of year. The maximum interest it is fairly remote rivers where every bend in the river can hide a surprise. The main thing to remember is that ducks are much more afraid of the human voice than shot. And since you need two people – the shooter and rower, it is very important all the time to remain silent, as you may spook it. It is important to not add to the noise of the oar to the ducks need to get as quietly, to notice them first and have time to shoot during takeoff, and after collecting the wounded prey to continue the journey on the river.

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