How to hunt the hare with bird of prey,select the most efficient bird

Falconry is the most exotic and breathtaking views! Was born such a hunt, according to historians in India. We have such a view mainly in Transcaucasia. Unlike our places, where they hunt for fun, in Asia this kind of hunting common in industrial purposes.

Birds are divided into noble and common. Among the noble birds emit high-flying — Falcon, «Falcon» and «low» — the eagle, hawk.

The high-flying birds tend to observe their prey from a great height. Finding the victim, they stone falling down, sinking in her claws. Small prey birds lift into the air and dropped from heights. Effective place for such a hunt – steppe and fields.

Birds «low-flying» attack in another way, they persecuted victim, constantly attacking her from behind and the side. That’s why for catching the hare, usually use Falcon. Falcon is able to catch a hare even among shrubs and small trees.

Out of the ordinary (base) game birds include: the Buzzards, eagles, kites and honey Buzzards. In Russia hunting with them is not very common. In China, on the contrary, they are recognized as the best hunters.

Hunt the hare.

It is best to hunt the hare showed itself: Falcon, hawk (Goshawk) and the Golden eagle. First birds opulence wear leather horn. It is important that they are strong, otherwise the bird could get hurt, sharply jerked for prey in the air. Birds on the head wear special cap – it allows the bird to focus, not looking for small game.

When we noticed the rabbit, remove the cap and the bird is eager for the prey. Now nothing depends on us. If the bird catches the prey, we simply select it. It’s pretty cynical and poultry often resists. To ensure that all went smoothly, otmanivaem «our hunter» fresh meat. If the bird continues to resist, we are careful with the leather glove, the finger unclench the rear of the eagle (Falcon) from mining. This technique will instinctively release the whole leg of a «provider». You can cut a piece of the liver from rabbit if you have no meat. Over time, the bird becomes accustomed to this and begin to voluntarily give up the booty. Important to share with him produced.

Care and education.

The main element of caring for the birds is food. Don’t forget that hunting birds and predators and they need fresh meat. It should be noted that Falcon and a hawk – require more meat than their «close relatives.» Try before feeding, soak the meat in water, since the bird is always in «hunting shape»! The diet includes rodents, chicken or other fowl. The younger the bird, the more you stick to the diet.

It is important to begin education from a very early age. The eagle, for example, brought better Falcon. Last loves the sky and always with reluctance, returns to earth.

Birds it is important to have a house. Make 2 version, for summer will fit fairly open with the bar. In winter, the house should be warm and not blown. Sick birds are mainly due to improper diet or unsanitary conditions. In ideal conditions, the predator can live 14-16 years. Over time, the bird gets used and her owner have a special connection. After this hunting is easy. In one season you can catch more than a dozen rabbits.

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