How to hunt the Fox with a approach,choose the time,place and behavior on the hunt

Fox hunt from a blind or as they call it, with the approach applies to running the hunt. But in the hunt with the ambush in here you need to have patience, not less, especially since it plays a big role.

Not so hard to see in the woods, on the field, how to come closer for an accurate shot, so she didn’t see you there, very quiet approach. Plays an important role, as already mentioned, patience and endurance.

Do not rush in anticipation of the imminent shot and hide your loot in a backpack, and patiently analyze the future behavior of the red-haired beast. Contrary to the General hunting rules there are certain individual circumstances in which to focus on and watching Fox some time.

Active movement of animals in search of feed after some time will force her to retire, because Fox does not stand still. Here is not difficult to determine its further movement and direction.

For hunting, you should choose a small field with ravines and the copses, however, the greater the camouflage of shelters, the better for you. This refers to the natural cover.

Clearly, in large and open fields it is better to see a Fox, but you can approach him unnoticed a lot easier. Seeing the Fox, which deals with food need to determine its future direction and should be very careful, and it is often better to crawl to the place where you think she’ll move on.

An important role plays the direction of the wind. Should not be neglected, even if I have to walk an extra few kilometers. The shot will be more accurate on the leeward side. You must be vigilant, because in this case things could not be.

You need to use all of the shelters, which only have to be absolutely silent as possible. When disturbed the beast need to lay low for a few minutes until the Fox will not rest.

How to hunt the Fox with a approach,choose the time,place and behavior on the hunt

The main thing here without the hustle and bustle, not to save time. Because it is better to get one a Fox than to frighten her, and frustrating to look for another. In no case do not relax completely when the sight of a Fox.

Here, the act «the Golden mean». Very few people manage to shoot the beast one by one. Everything comes with experience. There is the opportunity to meet and resting Fox on the field. A Fox is such a quality – looking after some time.

Specify the interval between opatreniami and at this time very quietly and cautiously approach her, hiding behind cover. In the winter, easier to get to the beast, because for snow to hide, and the wind hurt Fox to hear from you.

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